Friday, November 25, 2011

Boys First Trip to Georgia

I'm a little behind on blogging about our trip to Georgia, and we were there for over 2 weeks. So the next several posts are probably going to be pretty long and all about our trip. I really do treat this blog as the boys baby book/my journal, so I want to make sure I put all the details that I may want to look back on someday.

Greg had a two week, intense Microsoft bootcamp in Atlanta, so we coordinated our trip around that. We left on Thursday November 3rd for Augusta, where my parents live. Greg spent that first night there, and then the next day he drove up to Atlanta for his class which started that Saturday. He came back to Augusta on 18th. We came back home on Monday, November 28th. Greg missed the boys like crazy, so I tried to take pictures every day to email him so he could see what they were up to. So, I got a lot of pictures on my iphone, but not as many as I wanted on my normal camera, so most of the pictures I post will be camera pics. So, anyways, on to blogging about our trip.

We decided to leave at 3:00am for Georgia, hoping that the boys would fall back to sleep in the car and sleep for a couple of hours before waking up for the day. Our plan worked great and the boys slept really good and woke up about 6:00. It's an 8 hour drive to Augusta, so we already had 3 easy hours out of the way. The boys like to eat as soon as they wake up, so we pulled over at an exit with a McDonald's, but it was still under construction. The only other restaurant was a Shoney's, so we decided to go in and eat there. We changed the boys out of their pjs and into their clothes. We decided to get the boys the kid's buffet, and the sweet server felt bad charging us for two kids buffets because it's free when adult's eat, but Greg and I weren't eating. So, she only charged us for one, which was nice. The boys ate breakfast and we let them walk around a little. Then we loaded them back into the car and gave them some new toys we had bought just for the trip. They played a little and then went back to sleep for their first nap. When they woke up after their first nap around 9-10, we stopped at McDonald's and changed their diapers, let them stretch their legs and fed them a snack. They played really well in the car until we were about an hour away from my parents house, that's when Evan started to get a little bored and antsy. He wasn't too bad, though, we just had to pretty much stay turned around and kept handing him toys, his sippy cup, etc. We felt like the drive down there went great. It's normally about a 7-8 hour drive, that's a long drive for two, very active 14 month old boys. We thought leaving at 3:00am worked out great.

It was so exciting to get to my parents house since they had built a new house since we'd been to Georgia last. I've been dying to see their new house. The boys settled right in and were running around like crazy. Greg went and took a nap as soon as we got there and me and my mom just watched the boys run around like maniacs. They were so wound up. I had bought them a few toys and had them shipped to my parents house, including two riding toys, so they were also hyped up from getting to play with new toys. They ended up taking an afternoon nap, and went down really easy. I was very surprised. After my dad got home from work and Greg woke up from his nap, we all ate dinner, bathed the boys and put them down to bed. My parents live in a 2 story house with the master bedroom downstairs and 4 bedrooms upstairs. Greg and I got a room, my sister has her room, and each boy got their own room, which was great. The boys adjusted to sleeping in their pack-n-plays right away.

We were completely exhausted from our trip and slept so good that night. That was our first day in Georgia. I won't be doing the recap day by day, but I thought the first day deserved it's own post.

Here's some pictures I took on my iphone of the drive down.

At Shoney's. this is how Evan eats. He loves to cram as much as he can into his mouth.

Evan sleeping in the car.

I don't know why this picture uploaded like this. The waitress gave the boys crayons and Carter held on to his the entire time he ate. It was cute.

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