Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Georgia Trip-Animals

So, I really don't have any good way of organizing my Georgia posts. So, I'm just going through the pictures I took and want to post and finding grouping my posts that way. So, today's theme is animals. There's a few nice dogs in my parents area that aren't on leashes. The boys love dogs (especially Evan) so when they would come in my parents yard, we'd let them pet the dogs. My parents are very familiar with these dogs, we didn't just let them go up to random, wild dogs and start petting them. There's also a few places very close by that had horses, ducks, goats, etc. One day, we took the boys up the road to pet the goats. These were the craziest, most aggressive goats I've ever seen. They are not like the sweet, mild natured goats at Yoders' that we're used to. So, we didn't stay long, But, the boys enjoyed it anyways. 

Evan loves animals and has no fear. He gets so excited.

Carter loves animals too, but isn't as fearless as Evan. It takes him a minutes to warm up and get the courage to pet them.

The goats.

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