Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. We had a very, very low key Thanksgiving this year. We're still recovering from our trip to Georgia, catching up on sleep, housework, laundry, etc. So, we decided to do Thanksgiving as easy as possible this year, especially since the boys are too young to know whether or not we had all the traditional sides or if what we had was homemade. We ordered a precooked turkey, stuffing, and gravy from Kroger, which I picked up this morning. We had instant mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, deviled eggs (I bought the eggs already hard boiled--I wasn't joking about doing it easy) rolls, and some cranberry sauce. For dessert, we had a Sara Lee pumpkin cheesecake. Even though I didn't have to make much, it was still a lot of cooking things in the oven (the turkey, stuffing had to be put in the oven to reheat and the gravy had to be cooked on the stovetop). After preparing everything, feeding the boys and cleaning up, I was exhausted. It definitely wasn't as good a traditional, homemade Thanksgiving but I'm so glad we did it the way we did, we couldn't not have handled anymore. And doing it this way, gave us time to get some things done around the house and spend lots of time playing with the boys and taking them to the park. I didn't get a ton of pictures today, but here's the few I did get.

I love the boys Thanksgiving shirts, I'm pretty much obsessed with personalized iron ons.

 Evan, with his black,scratched eye. It actually doesn't look that bad in the picture, it looks worse in person. He fell in his room, but he was such a trooper about it and hardly cried. I think it bothered me more than him.

Starting off with the turkey, Carter loved it, Evan didn't, which is unusual. Evan is usually the one who pretty much likes anything we give him.

Carter doesn't really like mashed potatoes and these were no exception. He also didn't seem all that crazy about the stuffing. Both boys gobbled up some green bean casserole when they got a sample at Sam's Club last weekend, but today they picked out the french onions and ate those.

The boys were so cute with their forks. I thought they did pretty good with them.

Carter loved the turkey, rolls, and some of the green bean bake. He also liked anything dipped in gravy. Evan seemed to like pretty much everything but the turkey. It was fun eating Thanksgiving dinner with the boys because it was their first one. Last year, they weren't eating solids yet. Here's a picture from last year's Thanksgiving, I can't believe how much they've changed.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and get my Christmas decorations up and we're also going to try and get our Christmas shopping started this weekend. I have a lot of blogging to get caught up on. I can't wait to post pictures and talk about our trip to Georgia. You'll notice that we didn't have sweet potatoes or pecan pie on the menu this year, that's because right before we left for Georgia, we discovered Carter had a peanut allergy, so I'd like to do a post about that day, and a few other things that I want to post about, mostly for my memory's sake. I've missed blogging these past couple of weeks, I'm excited to get caught up on those posts. I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving and if you're going Black Friday shopping I hope you get some great deals!!

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