Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trip to Georgia-Parks

While we were in Georgia, we tried to take the boys to the park pretty often. It's a great way to let them get some of their energy out, it's free, and they sleep so much better after they've been outside playing. There were a few parks to choose from. There was the best toddler park that was about 10 mintues from my parents house. It had a Little Tykes playhouse, and slide set that was all plastic and the perfect size for them. There was NEVER anybody at this park, we passed it every day on the way to town and we never saw anybody else playing there. It was kinda creepy, I'm not sure why more people didn't take advantage of it.

There were also two parks in town that were a pretty far drive, so we only went twice. Once me and my mom took both boys and once I met a friend at one for a playdate.

The boys on the slide set at the toddler park.

There was this old shopping cart at the toddler park that the boys loved. It was worn out and the wheels were broken and they weren't able to push it, but they still liked to try and they also liked to climb inside it.

Mamaw and Carter at one of the parks in town.

Evan at the park in town. The park in town was much nicer, but was also for older kids. I kinda liked taking them to the toddler park, it wasn't as new, but it's much easier when they're able to get on everything.

It was really pretty at the park in town. There were tables set up for picnics, lots of trees, water that the boys loved looking at, etc.

The toddler park.

This was a bench in the toddler park, it was next to an adult size bench. It was the perfect place for the boys to rest and get a quick drink before going back to playing.

I think this was by far, Evan's favorite part of the park. He would spend most of his time in this house. They both loved going in and out of it and looking out the windows. I wish a park near us in Virginia had one of these.

I'm glad we were able to find some parks to bring the boys to while we were in Georgia. Especially the toddler park that was close by, perfect size for them, and was always empty. We were really lucky to have that  nearby.

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