Monday, August 25, 2014

4 Years Old

The boys turned 4 last Monday. I didn't take a ton of pictures on their birthday, but I have some from before their birthday, on their birthday, and from the 4 year old check up. I'd normally break this up into more than one post, but I have less time to blog right now, so most of my post will probably be a little longer just because I don't have time to break them up. I prefer to do have a couple of shorter posts versus one long post because it makes it easier when I want to go back through my blog, but it takes less time to do one post.

The Thursday before the boys birthday, they got their presents and cards in the mail from Greg's parents. I was taking them into our bedroom to hide them until their birthday, but Evan caught me. So, we let them open them early. The boys were so excited. When Carter saw his name on the card, he said "wow, grandma and grandpa even drew on these for us" they were just so excited and appreciative of every detail. It was so fun to watch them open them up. They started with the card, which I didn't even think they'd pay much attention to, but they opened them up and then went on and on about how much they loved the cards.

Evan and Carter each got a card, an outfit (shirt and pair of shorts) and a lego toy. They were just so thrilled with all of it.

I normally wash the boys clothes before they wear them, but Evan immediately stripped down and put on his outfit. Greg was taking the boys to McDonald's to play and he said "can I please wear it, please" it was so cute how excited he was. Both of them were just thrilled.

After these pictures were taken, Evan came running into my bedroom while I was getting ready and screamed "it has a pocket, it even has a pocket, oh, I just love this shirt and I love my pocket" haha.

The boys wanted to open their legos right away, but they were about to leave the house, so they agreed to wait, but wanted to take their birthday cards with them in the car. When I was buckling them in, both boys were just going on and on about their cards, Carter's card folded out and was picture to color, so he called it a story. Evan's had stickers, which he happily shared with Carter. In the car, Evan saw Carter's card and said "Oh, I just love your card too"

I know I'm going on and on about how cute they were, but I just don't want to forget how precious they were that day. They were just so excited and genuinely thankful for everything in their gift. I just love that about this age.

I was completely awful about taking pictures on their birthday. They had school that morning, so they took in mini cupcakes to share with their class. It's the first time they've had school on their birthday (the past two years they started after Labor Day) so they were excited to take cupcakes. Their teacher gives out special treat bags to all the kids on their birthday filled with fun goodies and that was really the highlight of their day, they were just so excited about that bag of goodies. They got a little card from their teacher and it's on their magnet board in the kitchen and they walk by it every day and "read" it to me.

We kept it low key for their birthday. I feel like it's really easy to go overboard on gifts because it's so much fun buying things, but they already have a lot of toys, so I tried not to go crazy. The boys took a nap after school, and my parents came by while they were sleeping. I set out their gifts and when they woke up, Mamaw and Papaw were there and their presents were set up, ready to be opened. Greg and I got them a couple of little things from Party City including Diego party hats, which they loved.

I had asked the boys over the past couple months what they wanted and we even took them through the toy aisle one day to see. The first thing that Carter said was a drum and he stuck with that request every single time I asked him. He'd mention other instruments sometimes, but it was stuff he wanted with the drum, so we got him a drum. Evan actually likes it just as much as Carter.

The got some Playmobile things, Legos, and several bath toys. They have a fun Jake and the Neverland pirate toy that they got last year, but they fight over it pretty bad, so we got another one, plus a couple other bath toys, which we made sure to get two of. We also got them each a Jake and the Neverland Pirate telescope, which came with a bandana and map.

I went back and forth on whether to make a cake or buy a fun, special one.  But, since they're at a young age where they are so easy to please, I thought I'd take advantage of that. I asked them what kind they wanted and they both wanted some form of strawberry and chocolate, so I made a strawberry cake with chocolate icing and then homemade chocolate ice cream and homemade strawberry ice cream.

Seriously, my cake was a ugly, hot mess, but they didn't care. They were so cute blowing out the candles, Evan had no concept of fire or how close he could get, so luckily he still has his eyebrows.

My sister had to work, so she ended up coming by afterwards and brought her gift and had some pizza and cake. She handed the boys their gift and Evan said "where's the other one" and she explained she just bought one and Evan said "next time, bring two" It was so funny. Obviously, I need to work on their manners, but it was pretty funny. He was just very, matter of fact about it.

The next morning, the boys had their 4 year check up. I called ahead of time to see if they need any shots and the receptionist said "no, that they were good until next year". I didn't have any questions and since they didn't need any shots, I just took them by myself. My mom offered to come, but I figured we'd be fine. The boys insisted on wearing their hats and bringing some toys, which I was fine with. You never know if something might come up and you have to wait, so I like them to have toys with them when we go. Also, wearing their birthday hats made them very happy, so I let them.

The boys were so good. They had to have a lot done this time, a vision and hearing test, blood pressure, they had to get a finger prick and also pee in a cup. They thought peeing in a cup was the best thing ever, they got so tickled about it. They just laughed and laughed and kept saying "that's so silly" how grown up do they look getting their bp taken? :(

They look like such big kids.

Evan's spiderman mask that he asked for. You can see his finger bandaged up. They had to get a finger prick and they were so good about it, no fussing, crying, or anything.

They were in such a good mood. They love going places where they are the center of attention--the nurses eat them up and they just love it. Plus, they had their new toys to play with, so they were happy as could be.

Waiting to see the dr.

Evan weighed 34.4lbs and Carter weighed 35lbs. They're both in the 25th percentile for weight. They were both 41 and 3/4 inches, which put them in the 75th percentile for height. I always think Carter looks taller than Evan, so I'd like to re-measure them at home and see what number I get, but even if it's off, I don't think it's by much. They're definitely tall and skinny.

Then, we found out they needed shots. 3 shots each. The receptionist told me wrong, so I was not prepared at all. They tried so hard not to cry, but both of them just bawled. They didn't fight the nurse or anything, they were good, but it just hurt (they have little chicken legs with no fat on them, so I know it hurt) They were so pitiful afterwards and both of them wanted to be held. I think they felt betrayed by the nurses. Luckily, I had some cookies in my bag that distracted them, then I told them that we'd go to Target and I'd let them pick out a toy then we'd go to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and to play. I'm such a sucker, it broke my heart how pitiful they were, but it worked and they cheered up. But they did say that they never wanted to go to the doctor again. :(

Evan picked out the ugliest Ninja turtle toy that he was just so pleased with.

Carter picked out a little submarine, which he thought the box was the perfect launching pad for his rocket that he already had. They had so many toys in their hands from their birthday the day before, but if ya'll would have seen them after their shots, I think you would have taken them to get a toy too.

Then, we went to Chick-Fil-A and they had chocolate milk and chicken minis. They played and had a great time.

They were fine while playing, but when we left, they limped a little and reminded me of what a rough morning they had. Haha, they are very dramatic. They definitely milked it for the rest of the day.

So, that's pretty much their birthday and 4 year old check up. I no longer have toddlers, but two preschoolers. :( I can't believe how fast they're growing up.

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