Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Honda CRV

This past weekend we bought a new, silver, 2009 Honda CRV and I absolutely love it. Greg has been thinking that now is the time to buy a car. He wasn't quite ready to sell his car yet but he knew the paint was starting to look rough and maybe he should sell it sooner rather than later. So, Friday night we went to the Honda dealership to look at Accords and civics, but I was not all that excited or impressed. I've been wanting a SUV or truck for a long time now but Greg usually just brushes it off. At the dealership we were able to compare the price between a SUV and car and also compare the differences in gas mileage, and we found that there wasn't much of a difference. The CRV was much roomier both in the front and also in the back. I loved it and after I got Greg to sit in the car, he was hooked. He took it for a test drive and played around in the back with the folding seats and he decided this was the car for us. So, we bought it on Saturday. Greg would have traded in his Accord, but they didn't offer him much so he decided to sell it himself. It's a good thing he did, he just sold it a couple of hours ago to a very nice family who paid him almost what he advertised it for. So, everything worked out perfect. I love my CRV.

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