Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day of Shopping

I had the day off today so I decided to go shopping. I spent the morning in the yard working on our flower beds with Greg until he left for work, then I spent the morning on Facebook and catching up on my tivo'd episodes of Chelsea Lately. Around 12:00 I left the house and didn't get back until almost 5:00. I don't go shopping very often and when I do, it's usually a quick trip to Target, so it was nice to have an afternoon of shopping.
I started a Kirklands where I got a beautiful fall wreath for 50% off, a black and white jewelry holder that you hang in your closet, and a pretty plate with the letter "W" on it for the kitchen. The purpose of going shopping today was to get a few things for the house and get some ideas of what I want for my birthday/Christmas. I wanted to stick to house things, like frames, pictures, candle holders, etc.
But, I had a coupon for New York & Company, so I stopped by there and managed to spend most of my afternoon in there trying on clothes. I found so many things. I'm so excited. Between their great sales and my 30% off coupon, I bought over $340.00 worth of stuff for only $170.00. Here's some of the things I got. The pictures on their website are not the best. I think the clothes look much cuter on the mannequins in the store all dressed up and with accessories.

I hate these shoes! I think the jeans look much better without those shoes in the picture.

After spending so much at New York & Company, I didn't think it'd be a good idea to go into all the stores I had planned on going in to. So, I went to Bath & Body works and used a coupon for a free product, then did a little bit of Christmas shopping for some gifts. It doesn't count as spending money if you spend it on somebody else. ;)

After this hard day of shopping, I'm going to relax with a cranberry vodka and diet sprite, read my Us Weekly, and watch some Thursday night tv--Survivor, The Community, and The Office.

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