Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Songs I'm Loving Right Now

There are so many songs out now that I'm absolutely loving! I spent an embarrassing amount of time the other day on the Billboard website seeing what songs were out right now. I never listen the radio in my car, I listen to my cds, so the only way for me to find out what songs are out are to look it up. Here are some of my favorites that are out right now. I wanted to post a video of all of them, even if it wasn't an "official" video, just so you wouldn't have to go to another website to hear them, but some of the videos on youtube disabled the code to copy and paste them on your blog, so I just uploaded the lyrics video. As you can see from the videos below, I like every type of music--rap, r&b, pop, country, dance, etc.

"Meet Me Halfway" Black Eyed Peas

"Watchu Say" Jason Derulo

"Down" Jay Sean featuring Lil' Wayne

"Sweet Dreams" Beyonce
See the real video Here

"Cowboy Casanova" Carrie Underwood
See the real video here

"Love Your Love The Most" Eric Church

"Hotel Room Service" Pitbull
See the real video here

"Party In the USA" Miley Cyrus

My favorite group right now is LMFAO. I went and bought their cd and absolutely love it. I like almost every song. My favorites are "La La La", "Yes" and "Scream My Name"

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