Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boys' First Easter

Warning: there's a LOT of pictures in this post. It was the boys' first Easter and I was super excited. They were only 4 months old at Christmas and couldn't really do much. For Easter though, they were able to go through their Easter basket and play with their new toys. I went back and forth on how much to do for the boys, they have plenty of toys, they're too young to understand the church part of it or to participate in an egg hunt, and too young to know what's going on or remember this. But, it was their first Easter and I wanted to do something. We decided to get them one Easter basket in it with two toys and some books that I bought in the dollar section at Target. While we were at Target, we also decided to buy an Elmo walker. We put it all out in the front room along with the gifts they received from other people and let them go through them. It was a fun day and the boys seemed to really enjoy their basket.

Here's the boys in our room playing on the floor before we took them downstairs.

Evan puts every single thing in his mouth.

Both boys with the Easter basket.
They really liked these little rattles.
And into the mouth it goes.
After they took the first toy out, I realized that I hadn't got any pictures of the boys on the couch in their Easter outfits before they drooled too much on them, I wanted to get some quick shots. I don't know what I was thinking. They're both eyeing the Easter basket right here. They are not the least bit interested in having their pictures taken, they want what's in the basket.
I tried switching couches, didn't work.
Looking at Daddy who is trying to distract them.
Laughing at Daddy
And back to the basket.
Playing with the stuffed animal that Brandi (Aunt B) sent them. She sent them the nicest Easter gift. Two Veggie Tales eggs, two stuffed animals and a book of nursery rhymes. It was one of the recordable ones and she recorded herself reading it to the boys. They loved it! It was better than what we got them!!
Carter with the bunny from Brandi
Playing with everything.
And Carter's favorite thing of all, the basket. I got one of the cheapest baskets Target had because we probably won't use it again. I'd like to get the boys each their own basket next year with a liner that has their name on it, so I didn't see much point in spending a lot on this year's basket. Of course, it was Carter's favorite thing.
Evan in the walker

Mommy & Carter
Mommy & Evan

Overall it was a great Easter. Very low key. I'm looking forward to furture Easters where we dress up, go to church, have an egg hunt, cook a big meal, etc.

Day after Easter Shopping. I ran to Target with the boys on Monday to pick up a few things for their Easter baskets next year.

I love Fisher Price Little People, I think that they're so cute and they're not to "themey" or specific so they're perfect to buy when they're on sale to give to the boys in the future.
These books were 50% off. Books are so expensive, so I was glad to get these on sale. I want the boys to have a nice book collection,  including books for each holiday.
The dollar section was also having a sale. I got all these for 50cents each. I love the Sesame Street books, they're short and cute and perfec to read to the boys before their naps. They're also hard, so I don't have to worry if the boys get ahold of them.
I loved Mr. Potato Head when I was a kid. This is another great, classic toy that I want the boys to have. I want them to have the original and the Holiday ones that come out every year.
I love these baskets. They have a cute little handle and are perfect for the boys to put their eggs in when they go on their first Easter egg hunt. These were only $1.50 a piece.
I also picked up a few things for me. I love this basket. I think it's so pretty. I showed Greg and even he thought it was nice. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to put in it, but I'm sure I'll think of something. I like that it doesn't have anything Easter on it, so I can use it all spring.
Some kitchen towels and two potholders
I love going shopping the day after a holiday. I'm obsessed. I always go to Target the day after any holiday. I stock up on kid things for the following year, even before I had kids, I'd buy stuff for my nephew. I also get cards, wrapping paper, home decor, etc. I feel like this year's day after Easter trip was a success.

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