Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pirates and Sandboxes

Thursday night, we drove to the Chick-Fil-A in North Augusta (South Carolina) for Pirates and Princess night. The kids dressed up, they had a craft, the Princess Cow was out to greet the kids. The boys had the best time playing with the other kids. They got such a kick out of the other costumes.

I had the hardest time getting a picture of them. I snapped this one and Evan's telling me to stop. :( 
He's holding the little boat they made that actually floats and they've played with it in the bath every night since.

Evan had to go up and hug the Princess Cow, he loves meeting the cows when whenever they're out. Carter wanted to go by and wave, but when I asked if he wanted to hug her or give her five, he said "no thank you!" He also told me that she had a pretty dress, which I thought was very sweet.

Trying to get a picture of both of them before we left.

Haha, this was as good as I got, but I thought they looked so cute and they had so much fun. Definitely worth driving past 3 other closer Chick-Fil-As (that weren't having pirate night) to get to this one.

Friday, we went out and spent the day at my parents house. I usually don't get many pictures when we go out there but I made a point to get a couple of the boys playing. My parents built them a sandbox to play in and this was their first time seeing it. It's huge, which is perfect for them. It was stocked with new sand toys for the boys to play with.

When we got to my parents, they saw the pool on the deck, the sandbox, and then all the fun stuff inside the house, so they last about 5 minutes on each activity (if that long) until they've done everything fun they can think of at my parents house.

They wanted to play in the pool and water table, which normally would have lasted about 5 minutes, but my mom had bought them new little watering pails and they played with those things forever!!

Carter filled up our hands, watered the deck, made sure all the chairs had water, I didn't think he was ever going to get tired of playing with that thing.

Of course, they had to ride on swing. I pretty sure they think that swing was bought for them. ;)

Evan loves eating at my parents house because they have different foods than we have at home, but Friday, he did not stop eating the entire day. I'm pretty sure the boys are going through a growth spurt because for the past couple of weeks, they have been eating SO much food. They are little bottomless pits.

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