Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Barnes and Noble Story Time

On Sunday, we bought the boys booster seats to use at the table. We've been using space saver high chairs that convert to booster seats, but they were too tall to push the chair in, so the boys couldn't use them at the table very well. The boys love sitting at the table with us like big boys.

Monday, we had a play date with the Moms club. There was a pool, slip-n-slide, sand box, tons of toys, etc. The boys had a blast.

The pool was filled with water balloons and all the kids had the best time taking them out and throwing them on the ground to bust them.

I picked up some preschool workbooks at the Dollar Tree and the boys love working on them. Carter likes to work on the letters, he likes tracing them and then he'll practice writing them on his own.

Evan likes to trace the shapes and he also loves to pick out "what is different" I found a book that was just filled with things like that and he has already done almost all of them.

Today, we went to Barnes and Noble for storytime. They have story time every Wednesday at 10, which is the same time as the library story time, but today was special themed one that started at 11. It was The Very Hungry Caterpillar, so they started off with that and then read another book by Eric Carle, then they did a Caterpillar craft. The boys loved it. I was surprised that there wasn't more kids there. When it started, I think there was only 5-6 kids.

The boys were fidgety, but sat and listened to both books.

Afterwards, they got to decorate a crown to wear. They loved coloring it in.

Evan in his finished crown.

Carter in his finished crown.

Afterwards, I let the boys play with the train they have set up in the kids area. I think they could have stayed there all day.

Then, the boys wanted to go over to the blocks and play with those for a little while. I love that there's hands on things for the boys to do there. We went a couple of times over the winter for something to do, the boys actually remembered that and asked where the big Christmas tree was.

There was a huge display of Very Hungry Caterpillar things and they had these decorated sugar cookies. I knew the boys would love it and they were peanut free, so I got the boys one to share. They were SO excited about this. We had a gift card, so I got them that and also a hardcover copy of Jack and the Beanstalk that was on clearance.

The boys wanted to see the fountain and I knew the cookie was going to make a mess, so the boys went outside to eat their cookie. They didn't have the fountain on, but the boys still loved sitting there.

Another mom of twins came over to say hi. She had twin teenage boys (who were 6'4) who were very sweet to the boys and she was telling me how they fight over clothes and shoes-and that they share a car that they fight over. I've been hoping that the fighting would get better, but I guess not. :( I guess they probably just fight over different things, like clothes instead of toy trucks.

After the boys finished their cookies, I gave them a few pennies to throw in the fountain. We haven't done that in awhile, I forgot how much they loved throwing pennies in the water.

Half way back to our car, the boys said they needed to stop for a rest. Haha, we did not park that far away, but, I let them have a little rest in the shade.

We've been having a good summer so far and definitely staying busy with fun activities. Today was one of my favorite days. The boys slept in, we took our time this morning, it was nice not having to be to the story time until 11:00, our morning was so relaxed. We knew we had something fun to do, but weren't rushed.

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