Friday, June 13, 2014

VBS and Our Week

The boys had Vacation Bible School this week. It was held at the church that they have their summer program at, so they already felt comfortable going and being dropped off there. It was Monday through Friday from 9:30-12:30. The boys loved it. I meant to get a picture every day before they went, but it didn't happen.

Here's a picture of Carter on our way to VBS one day. The boys have been very into their tools lately and love talking about building or fixing things.

The boys on day 2 of VBS.
My parents have been giving us a lot of veggies from their garden, including a ton of cucumbers, so I checked Pinterest and got a ton of ideas on what to do with them. We had greek yogurt and dill cucumber salad, cucumbers with feta cheese, and cucumber salsa (my favorite!)
My parents also brought over a ton of peaches that they got at a farmer's stand in South Carolina. The boys love peaches, so they ate most of them, but I did try a few in some recipes. I made halibut tacos with peach salsa for dinner one night and some homemade peach ice cream for dessert.

Here's the boys at VBS on Thursday.

They were so excited to be there.

After I dropped them off, I went to the Giant Plant Sale at Mccorkles Nursery. They have a huge sale that's open to the public twice a year. I've heard a lot about them and have always wanted to check it out. It's right down the street from my parents, I went to their house first and me and my mom rode over together.

It was crazy there, it was so busy and there were so many plants/trees/flowers/bushes that it was overwhelming. It was also HOT outside. But, I knew exactly what I wanted, I came for one thing and one thing only.

Hydrangeas!! I'm so excited to have these. I got two for the front of the house and 4 for the sides and/or backyard.

Today the boys had their last day of VBS, they were so excited to go in, this was the best picture I could get. Evan was ready to go inside. :)

They invited family and friends to come to the last day of VBS celebration. It was held in the sanctuary, where the kids go every day to sing. The stage was decorated so neat.

My sister and mom were able to come with me to the celebration. Then, we came home and the boys took naps. When Greg and I woke them up, they were hyped up-especially Evan. He immediately jumped into Carter's bed and started being silly.

They both woke up in such good moods from their naps. It was so nice.

We've been looking and talking about getting the boys big boy beds and we finally decided to just do it. We went after naps and bought them each a full size mattress. My parents are bringing their truck into town tomorrow so we can pick up the mattresses. The boys are so excited about their new beds.

We got a great deal and I'm excited for the boys to have their new beds tomorrow. But, I'm even more excited about not having to go bed shopping with the boys anymore. They were so hyped up in the store.

There were Serta Sheep in the store and the boys loved them so much. The woman that sold us the mattresses gave each of the boys one and they were thrilled. They are both sleeping with them right now.

These balloons provided lots of entertainment for the boys.

After we got home, I decided to try canning some banana peppers my parents had brought over today. I only had enough to do one jar, but that's perfect since it was my first time. I can't wait to try them and see if they're worth making again.



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