Sunday, June 22, 2014

Riverbanks Member's Night Out

Friday night, we went to Member's Night Out at the Riverbanks Zoo. Normally, they close at 5:00, but they have 3 Friday nights over the summer where they open from 6-9 just for members. They have a theme, with crafts, a show, all the rides and attractions are open and I just thought it sounded like something that would be really fun. It's only an hour drive up there, I figured we'd get there at 6, spend an hour, and then be home in time to put the boys in bed around their normal time. Well, they ended up having so much fun, we stayed longer than I thought we would, got home after 9, and after baths and stories, it was close to 10 before the boys went to sleep. They were such troopers the whole time and it was so worth it.

When we first got there, we started off with the carousel like we always do. I stood with Carter and Greg stood with Evan.

The boys were so excited to be there. They thought it was so fun going in the evening and they were excited that Greg got to come with us to the zoo.

The boys love feeding the birds, since it was so late, they were really hungry like they are when we go in the mornings, but they were able to get a few to come over and eat.

It's so cute to hear them talking to the birds, they say the funniest things.

Next we went to see the penguins, there's a flamingo exhibit right outside that Evan was super excited about. I didn't realize until we were half way to the zoo that I forgot the stroller. There's so much walking and it's hot, that I always bring the stroller with me for them to ride it. I wasn't sure how they'd do, but they did great. They were so excited that they didn't mind walking at all. It's still nice to have for our day trips to the zoo, but they're obviously getting to the age where we just don't need it, so I'll definitely sell it after the summer is over.

Inside the penguin exhibit, there were several tables set up with different things to do. There was somebody with a snake that the kids could pet, there was feather matching game, a make your own bracelet table, a necklace craft table, etc. Evan wanted to go to every single one. He loved all of it.

He's so happy with his bracelet. He told every single person he saw about it and has worn it ever since. I think that was the highlight of his night. He loves crafts and things, so to be able to do the zoo and crafts was perfect.

After feeding the giraffes, I tried to get a picture with the boys. You can see how well that went.

I love the Meerkats, I think they're so cute, so we went by and saw those too. The boys also like watching them especially when they're digging holes.

There were a few out and the boys sat and watched them for a few minutes, and talked to them.

The Zoo also had food and drink specials, like $1.00 hot dogs, soda, ice cream, icees, etc. So, before we left, we got the boys their first ICEE. Carter chose cherry and Evan chose grape. They loved them and thought they were something with their "Ice cups".

We might have to get the boys another Icee before the summer's over, they just thought it was such a special treat and were so excited about them.

It was HOT, very hot and humid while we were there. But, the boys were just so excited and had so much fun, that it was worth dealing with the heat. They have another one next month and I would love to go, but it's the night before we have something else planned and since we get home so late, it just won't work out to go. We'll definitely take advantage of this next year.

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