Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 3

Wednesday morning, the boys woke up about 5:20. We got up, they had bottles, playtime, an hour later, they had oatmeal and some dry cheerios, more play time and then went down for a nap. While they were sleeping I checked on Craigslist to see if Greg had posted our baby gym that the boys no longer use. I never go on Craigslist to buy anything or sell anything, but I decided to browse the baby/kid section and see what people were selling. I ended up doing that for their entire nap and by the time they woke up, I had sent out several emails about several different posting. I saw lots of things that I was going to buy the boys anyways. I fed the boys a snack and a bottle and we went over to a neighborhood nearby and I got this workbench. It was less than 1/2 of what it would have been new, and it's in great shape. They are a little too young for it now, but I think they'll be able to play with it within the next several months.

Here's the boys playing. This play kitchen was a toy they got for Christmas and they loved it, and after a few months, I put it away and brought out some other toys and just recently got it out again. It's like a brand new toy to them and they love it.
Evan was taking his pacifier and putting it through the gate and onto the stairs, then he'd reach in and get it back. He did this for quite a while. It's so funny what entertains them.

After buying the bench we ran to Kohl's. I wanted to get a couple more short sleeve shirts for the boys. I know all the stores are coming out with Halloween stuff, winter clothes, etc. So, I figured if I didn't get them now, I'd have a hard time finding them and I was right. All their short sleeve shirts were on clearance and totally picked over. I also wanted to look for one last toy that I wanted to get the boys for their birthday. The LeapFrog Farm Fridge Magnet. I saw this several months back when I was birthday shopping for a friend's baby and thought it'd be perfect. I should have picked up one then because I couldn't find it at Target or Kohls. We came home and I fed the boys some fresh peaches that we picked on Monday and then put them down for a nap. They acted like peaches were the best food they've ever had. I couldn't cut it and feed it to them fast enough.

When Greg came home, we decided to run to Toys R Us and see if they had that toy I was looking for. We had fun browsing the store looking at toys, but didn't have any luck finding what we wer looking for. We let the boys ride the firetruck ride they have at the front of the store. They looked like such big boys to me. We then slipped by Walmart to get a few things and I looked in there for the toy and they didn't have it either.

We came home and fed the boys dinner, let them play some and bathed them. Before their baths I threw in an Italian Bake casserole that I made while my mom was here a few weeks ago and froze. I love having meals in the freezer that I can take out on days that we're too busy to cook dinner. We gave the boys their bottles, read them a story and put them to bed. We decided to eat dinner in the basement and watch tv. Greg didn't love the Italian Bake and I didn't think I would like it very much, I had actually made it because I thought he'd love it, but I ended up LOVING it. I thought it was so good. We watched two episdoes of Teen Mom that I had tivo'd, by the time we got done, it was 9:00, so we got ready for bed and went to sleep.

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