Saturday, August 13, 2011

Evan's First Haircut

Friday morning, we took Evan to get his hair cut. I've been wanting to go for awhile now, I actually tried trimming it at home once and it didn't go so well, so from now on, I'm leaving it up to the professionals. We decided to take him to Snip-Its, a kids haircut place nearby. When we got there, they had toys in the waiting area for the kids to play with while the parents fill out a little client card. The girl called Evan back, put him in the chair and strapped him in. After she put the drap on him, he got a little antsy. They had bubbles there to blow to distract the kids during the haircuts. The girl that worked up front came over and started talking to Evan and blowing bubbles with me. He loved the attention. She gave him some graham crackers to eat while the girl who was cutting his hair finished up. Carter was such a trooper and waited so patiently the whole time. He even got some graham crackers to munch on. When they were done, they gave Evan his client card to put in this big machine which then dispensed his "prize" which was a little rubber ducky. I don't think Evan cared much about it, but Carter loved it. The cost of a haircut was about the same as Super Cuts and for $5.00 more, they had a "first haircut" special which included a frame, a picture, and a lock of hair. Well worth the $5.00.

Some before pictures of Evan's hair. It was getting a bit long. After his naps, he would wake up looking like a mad scientist.

A picture of Carter before we left.
Evan in the chair.
I think he looks like such a big boy here.
Smiling at the nice girl that came over to entertain him while getting his hair cut.
And after. It's not perfect, but we're very happy with it. Evan likes to be on the move all.the.time, so cutting his hair is not easy.

After his haircut, we went downtown to find the church that we're going to try out on Sunday. Since it's near the university we wanted to check it out and see where we're supposed to park. On the way home, we grabbed some lunch from The Carving Board. It's one of our favorite local restaurants and it's only open 11-3 during the week, so we hardly ever get to eat there. They have the best pasta salad that I've ever tasted and delicious sandwhiches. When we got home, Greg played with the boys while I tried to organize their birthday gifts. I've been storing it all in my closet, so I got everything out and put it in the basement and put together their playhouse/tunnel thing and rearranged some things. I'm going to wrap most of their toys, but a few of them are going to be already opened and put together and set up in the basement. Then we'll bring them down there on their birthday and let them play.

Playtime. The boys love my phone.
The frame that we got with Evan's "First Haircut Package" (these photos are a little out of order, but I'm having problems with blogger)
The basement. These are the things we've got for their birthday. I opened the playhouse/tunnel thing so it'd be ready for them to play with on their birthday.

We had to run to Walmart to get some things for dinner, so we stopped by a park nearby and let the boys swing a little before shopping. I really love Greg's long weekends. It's totally worth him working an extra hour each day to have a three day weekend every other week.

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