Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Week in Our Life Day 1

This week's posts are going to be very boring for everybody, but I'd love to be able to look back and see how our days were spent at certain stages in the boys' lives.

Evan woke up at 5:00am, so I brought him into the bedroom and put him in the pack-n-play and gave him some toys to play with while I brushed my teeth, washed my face, changed, and did my make up. As soon as I was finishing up, Carter woke up (about 5:20) I took them downstairs and let them play for a little bit and then fed them their morning bottles about 5:45. We played until about 6:30 when I gave them some Gerber oatmeal and yogurt puffs. I put them down for their nap about 7:10, Carter woke up about 7:50, so I rocked him until Evan woke up so they would stay on the same schedule. Evan woke up about 8:30. I fed the boys a blueberry waffle and changed them into their outfits. We went down the street to a friend's house for a playdate for about 2 hours. Since the boys aren't walking, I had to get the double stroller out to go 5 houses down the street.
The boys had a blast and I had a great time talking with another mom and getting out of the house. I brought the boys back and let them play for about 10 minutes at home and then put them down for a nap around 11:20. I ate some lunch and picked up a little bit. Carter ended up waking up about 12:00, so I rocked him until Evan woke up at 12:50. He went right back to sleep and I read blogs, looked at Pinterest, and played Words With Friends on my Ipad while rocking him. When Evan woke up, I fed the boys lunch--a yoplait yogurt and some puffs. I gave them a bottle at 2:00 and then put them in the front room that's blocked off for them. I washed dishes, washed the sheets, made the bed, and picked up. I got the boys out of "baby jail" and we played together with their toys until Greg got home at 3:15.
The boys love playing with the door! They also used to love playing with my table that I had in the foyer, it wasn't very sturdy, so I had to move it to the basement until Greg gets a chance to bolt it to the wall. So, our foyer looks sad & empty. :(
He grabbed a banana for a snack and both boys were at his feet wanting a bite, so they all shared the banana. He changed and we ran some errands. I needed to run into a store downtown to get a birthday gift, and it's a hard place to get a double stroller in, so Greg went with me and waited in the car with the boys. We then went to Target and got some shelves to put in the basement and baby's room for their toys. When we came home, I went outside and watered my vegetables and picked the ones that were ready while Greg cooked dinner.

All the tomatoes I picked.

Here's the rest of the vegetables that I got from our garden over the past few days, several green peppers, a few jalapenos,and a gypsy pepper.

 There are a handful of dinners that Greg always takes care of--omelets, quesadillas and any recipe that he's trying to copy from a restaurant. Tonight he made these Taco Bell burrito knock offs with ground beef, fritos, rice, and cheese dip. They're so good. Greg took a shower while I played with the boys and then he fed the boys dinner while I showered. We bathed the boys (greg bathes them, and I dry them off, lotion them up, clean out their ears, comb their hair, etc) then I take Carter to his room and Greg takes Evan to his room and we feed them their bottle and read them a story. We put them down about 6:30. Afterwards, I do a little blogging while Greg played his game. Afterwards, we went to the basement and put together the shelves for the boys room.

I can't wait to put this shelf in their bedroom.
We went to bed around 9:00 and I stayed up and read in bed until about 10:00 before going to sleep.

And that was our day.

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