Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 5 & 6

Friday, Carter woke up at 6:20 and Evan woke up at 6:40. I had a nurse's appointment to get some blood drawn at 7:45, so I fed the boys their bottle and got them dressed. By the time that was all done, it was time to leave for my appointment. I went to the place that I used to work, so the girls in the office all held the boys and gave them tons of attention while I was getting my blood drawn. Carter refused to smile, he doesn't mind being held by strangers, but he can be stubborn when it comes to smiling. We came home and the boys played with their toys and I fed them some oatmeal. While they were sleeping, I found out it was one of my best friend's birthdays. I have been friends with Brandi since 6th grade and I still get confused about her birthday, I always get it mixed up and think it's the 7th when it's the 5th. Thank goodness for Facebook!! After the boys nap, the bug guy came by to spray the house, he comes every 3 months and started when I was about 2 weeks before the boys were born. As soon as he comes in, Carter charges down he hall, smiling and babbling away at him handing him his pacifier. What?! All the girls at my work were just making over him a few hours before--girls he's seen several times and he refused to smile and the buy guy comes over and he goes up to him? Crazy. After the bug guy left, we played some more and ate lunch. I put the boys down at 12:50 for a nap, and Greg came home at 1:00, completely exhausted, so he took a nap also. When all the boys woke up, we ran to the post office. I hate wrapping and packing gifts--I'm awful at it and have no patience to take my time and make it look nice. Greg does all our wrapping and this picture shows why.

Then we went to Target, drove to Walmart, met somebody in the parking lot from Craigslit to buy this. and then did a little shopping at Walmart. When we got home, I picked the tomatoes from our garden--their were a ton!! Fed the boys, bathed them, and put them to bed. We cooked orzo with feta and tomatoes from our garden and watched tv and went to bed.

Saturday-Day 6

Greg got up with the boys about 6:00 and let me sleep in. I could hear Evan fussing and got out of bed to help Greg out. Evan has not really been himself lately, he's been much more fussy. I looked it up and every website I went to had a lot of complaints from mothers of 11 month olds who were easy going and suddenly went through a fussy period. Some of the mom's said it was the babies getting their molars and there were some other suggested reasons. I gave him orajel and teethers, I thought maybe it was a food allergy, so I tried cutting a lot of different things out, etc. I tried everything. I kept hearing all these stories from mom's I knew that their kids were fussy and they went in for a routine checkup and turns out they had an ear infection. I'm been very paranoid about this, so I've taken the boys in like 3 times already and neither of them has ever had an ear infection. But, I decided to call our pediatrician and make an appointment. We are very lucky to have a pediatrician with Saturday hours. They got us in, after the boys nap, we got them dressed and headed over. The waiting room was pretty full and we ended up waiting almost an hour. When the doctor came in to look at Evan, she was doing her normal check, ears, stomach, etc. and when she looked in Evan's mouth she found all these blisters in the back of his throat and it turns out he has this virus (that i can't spell) and it's very common in the summer. She looked at Carter and he had it too and he's been great lately, we had no idea anything was wrong with him. She said the virus usually causes very high fevers, severe headaches, upset and cramping stomach, etc. and is very contagious and expected everybody in the house to get it. Since it's a virus, there's nothing you can do to treat it, you can just do things to make the boys more comfortable. She suggested tylenol since the blisters can be painful and switched Evan to soy formula since milk can aggrevate any stomach problems or cramping the virus can cause and also suggested a probiotic added to 3 bottles a day to help with the stomach problems as well. I feel like the worst mom in the world for not taking him in sooner. :( We came home and put the boys down for a nap, they slept almost 2 hours. We took it easy the rest of the afternoon. , just relaxing and playing with the boys.  and after switching Evan's formula and making sure he's getting tylenol every 4 hours has helped tremendously. He's acting like his old self again and it's great!!

The boys in the exam room waiting on the doctor. They love the paper sheet they put on the exam table. and the mirror.

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