Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 4

Day 4 of a Week in Our Life.

Thursday morning the boys woke up about 5:40 and we did our normal routine. Bottle, play time, oatmeal and cheerios, followed by more playtime and down for a nap two hours after they woke up. While they were sleeping I looked for that Leapfrog toy. I found out that Walmart and Target were sold out online. I decided to order it from Amazon, but then checked Craigslist first. I happen to find a listing that was several weeks old that somebody was selling them for less than 1/2 the price of a new one from a smoke free, pet free home. I decided to email her to see if it was still available and it was, so we decided to meet in a parking lot in the Target shopping center at 10:30. The boys woke up from their nap at 9:45 or so, I fed them a bottle, got them dressed, loaded them in the car and we went to meet the seller. The toy was clean and in perfect condition. I was so happy to have the last thing that I really wanted to get them for their birthday. It wasn't even that big of a deal, but once I get my mind set on something, I'm not very flexible. I had an idea of what I wanted them to have for their birthday and that's what I was going to get. :)

Carter playing
If I put them on a blanket outside, they are off it in 2 seconds. If I put down a blanket in the middle of the living room, they love it. They think it's so fun to play on it.

I always see them like this and think "Aww, so cute that they're playing so close"
Nope! Not playing. Evan just wants Carter's pacifier.
He grabs it.
And he's off.

We came home and played with the boys, they played with their play kitchen and Laugh & Learn mailbox. Carter loves putting the envelopes in the mail slot, I have to get a video of him doing that this week because he's so good at it now. They took a nice long nap, almost 2 hour. Greg came home and played with the boys while I showered and got ready. We went and grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed to the county fair. They didn't open until 5:30, which was a little late, but I really wanted to take the boys this year. We went to the petting zoo area and Evan loved it. He is not afraid of any animal and loves petting them and when they get really close to him. Carter does not share Evan's enthusiasm. We walked through the fair and didn't see any rides that we could take the boys on. We didn't expect to, but we walked through just in case. On our way out we passed a kids play area. There was a circle made out of hay and some John Deere riding toys, play slides, etc. Then there was a tent with a sandbox full of corn kernals instead of sand, blocks, a big piece of carpet with a play kitchen on it, so we took the boys around and let them play for awhile. They had a lot of fun. I had already decided to get them a play kitchen, I was going to try and build one from an old tv stand like I've seen on some other blogs, but now I'm going to have to get on it because the boys really enjoyed playing with it. I thought they'd be 18months or 2 years old before they'd enjoy playing with one.

Evan threw a fit when we put shoes on him to go to the fair. I knew they'd be standing in dirt to pet the animals and wanted them to wear shoes. He fussed and tried to get them off, but couldn't. So, Carter stopped trying to take his own shoes off, crawled over to Evan and took Evan's shoes off for him. It was so sweet.
Carter watching Evan throw a fit.
As you can see from the following pictures, the boys won the shoe fight.

We got home and gave them a quick bath. We put them down about 7:25pm, Evan went immediately to sleep. Carter was a little overtired adn it took him 20 minutes or so. Greg then watched some old episodes of The Office on dvd before getting ready for bed. I laid in bed for awhile surfing my ipad for home binder ideas before finally going to sleep about 10:00.

So, Greg reads my blog sometimes and he informed me this "week in our life" is very, very boring. I know! But, I really want to look back and and see how we spent our time with the boys at different stages because I honestly can't remember how our days went when they were 2, 3, 4, 5 months old, etc. I've already forgotten so much and they're not even a year old yet. I do this blog as a scrapbook/journal of the boys life and I want to remember all of it--the good, the bad, and the boring. :) Only 2 more days.

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  1. I think your "Day in the Life" is a great idea! Even though you both are tired at the end of the day, I am impressed at how much you do - night after night! Nice to be young and have the energy left to take the boys out.