Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cough and Cabin Fever

We've spent the last week with two sick boys and catching a little bit of it ourselves. The boys wouldn't eat much because their throats hurt, so we took them to Wendy's to get a shake. We definitely do some of the worst spoiling when the boys are sick. But, they were so pitiful. They would cough and then wince in pain because it hurt. It broke my heart. You can't tell by this picture of course, because Evan looks happy as can be.

So, that was their dinner one night while they were sick, milk shakes

It was cold out and actually snowed some, which meant the entire town basically shut down, but we stayed at home most of the days because it was too cold to get out. The boys watched lots of movies and played with toys I think they probably forgot they had.

Evan insisted on eating a lemon. He is so stubborn. If you tell him "Oh, you won't like that" he will insist on eating the entire thing even if you can tell he doesn't like it.

The snow was pretty, but I was not feeling it. I am ready for warm weather.

I want warm, sunny days. This cold and wind is getting old. I've never considered myself an outdoorsy person, but now that we have kids, I like getting outside everyday and getting fresh air. How many more days until spring?

The boys played really good considering they didn't feel good.

Lots of drawing.

I had to get a picture of something with "stripes" for a photo challenge I was doing, so I went to take a picture of Carter after his bath and he posed and smiled for me. I wasn't sure if I got it so, I said "one more time"

and this is what I got. Oh my. That boy.

Friday morning, bright and early, I took Evan to the allergist and we had some allergy testing done to see if he's allergic to anything. He gets eczema behind his knees, creases of his elbows, and under his arms and his pediatrician said that since it keeps coming back, we should rule out a food allergy that may be causing it. So, we did and he's not allergic to anything but we did get lots of helpful tips to hopefully keep the eczema from coming back.

It was 17 degree out when we went to our appointment. It was miserably cold.

He was still coughing, but seemed to perk up a lot getting out of the house.

He did NOT like the allergy testing, but loved the lollipops and water he got afterwards.

Since we had been home since Tuesday and everybody was getting cabin fever, we decided to take the boys to Bounce and Play. They have a toddler area with tons of toys that the boys love playing with. It was a school day so we didn't expect anybody to really be there and the boys seemed like they were doing better. But, they weren't. Evan started coughing so hard that he ended up throwing up everywhere! If you could die of embarrassment, Greg would be dead. So, we left after being there for less than 5 minutes. Evan had to ride home in his shirt, diaper, and socks. It was so pitiful.

He threw up again at home, so I called the doctor to see what we could do to keep him from getting those violent coughing fits and they wanted to see him and make sure it wasn't pneumonia, which is going around. So, we took him in and luckily, he didn't have that, just a virus. She gave us some suggestions and sent us home.

So, we came home and tried to get the boys to drink, even if it meant letting them have strawberry milk for dinner.

The doctor suggested Benadryl to dry up the stuff that was making Evan cough and throw up, but he didn't like the taste of it, so we bribed him with ice cream. We were all so exhausted by the end of the week from being cooped up in the house, dealing with sick kids, nobody was sleeping good because of all the coughing all night, so by this point, this is what we're letting the boys do.

They both wanted to sit on the table and drink their milk until it was time to take a bath. I was like, "whatever" because at this point, I've come down with it and feel like crap.

 I think we're all doing much better now. The boys aren't acting too spoiled and seem to know that the special treatment they got was not the new normal around here. I'm feeling much better, just completely exhausted from the whole week. Looking forward to getting caught up on some stuff around the house. I hope everybody is staying warm and healthy.

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