Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back to Life

Monday afternoon, we took the boys to the Discovery Museum. We needed to get out of the house, so we headed there for a little bit. Evan wanted to spend most of his time in the art room using markers, scissors, and anything else he knew we wouldn't let him have at home. :) He did really good though.

The the boy worked together to build cars to slide down the ramp.

Tuesday, the boys had school and did great. After holidays, snow days, breaks, etc, they say it could be harder for the kids to adjust, but the boys have been doing great. They run in and barely turn their heads to say bye to me. After school, we met one of their classmates at the park to take advantage of some warm weather we were having. Their classmate has a younger brother, which I did not mind one bit getting to hold. He is such a cutie! I don't even remember mine that small. Sniffle, sniffle.

The boys played good at the park. It was a weird day where the weather was perfect to be outside, so we took full advantage. But, we knew it wouldn't last long. It was nasty, rainy and windy yesterday and tonight it's calling for snow. At least the boys got outside for a little bit this week.

Ah, doesn't this little chunky monkey make you want a million kids? That's why we're done, otherwise we'd end up having a kid every time we saw a cutie patootie like this.

I have to include this picture in here of Greg helping me with dinner Tuesday night. So sweet!!

It's good being back into the groove. We're all feeling a lot better, so its' good to be back to our normal routine. I have a couple recipes to share this week, that are super easy and yummy. So, stay tuned for that. ;)

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