Sunday, January 13, 2013

Trip to Harrisonburg

Friday morning, we took the boys to the mall to play around in the play area. After their nap, we headed to the downtown Children's Museum. It was raining and cold and we were stuck doing things inside. The museum wasn't busy at all, but you could tell they had been all day because of all the things out. The art room looked like it had been well used.
Carter insisted on wearing his hood the whole time.
Evan loves this play well, I never see any other kids playing with it.
Saturday morning, we headed to Harrisonburg, which is about 45 minutes away. It was supposed to be warm and sunny, so we figured we'd take the boys to the park and check out the kids museum there (we get in free since we're members of our museum) It seemed like perfect weather to play outside in, but when we got to the park, it was completely soaked! We didn't realize how much rain they got the night before. We didn't know it was so wet until we got the boys out of the car and we felt it would have been mean not to let them play, so we let them play for a little while. We had a change of clothes in the car, so we just changed them into dry clothes when we left the park.
It's such a nice park. It's the biggest park I've ever seen, there's a place to ride bikes, a huge picnic area, tons of swings, a part just for smaller kids, a splash pad that's on during the summer.
There's so many slides, places to climb, etc. I hate that it was wet.
There was actually several other people there, I was surprised. But, I bet this park is always busy. I wish it was closer.
You can see how soaked Evan's pants are.
We used to carry a towel in the car for when we stopped by a park and the slides or swings were slightly wet, but it wouldn't have even helped.
After we changed the boys and left the park, we headed to the children's museum. It's a much bigger museum than the one we have and it has so much more to do. We've taken the boys there once before and they really liked it. There's an ambulance in there that the kids can sit in and go in the back. Both boys loved it.
There's two train tables for the kids to play with.
An art room with so many things to do.
There's a little house with all kinds of fun things that are kid sized--like a kid sized fridge, washer and dryer, etc. Evan played in there for a long time.
Greg showing Carter how to milk the cow. There's actual liquid that squirts out into the bucket.
So cute.
The boys actually stayed awake for the entire drive home and we were all able to lay down and take a nap. I love weekends where we all take a nap in the afternoon. After they woke up, we went to a park near our house and the boys played with some other kids for about an hour. It was cold, but they had so much fun. Then, we headed to Lowe's to get some paint samples.
It took forever, so the boys entertained themselves by "painting" the ground.
I hate picking out paint, I always have a specific idea in my head what I want it to look like, but it's hard to find the perfect color.
Today was supposed to be sunny with a high of 71, but instead it's in the 50's, cloudy, and calling for rain. I'm glad we took advantage of the decent weather yesterday and spent a lot of time outside.

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