Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Week in Pictures

This week the boys headed back to preschool after a 2 week break. Greg had to work last weekend so he got Thursday off this week and Friday he was already scheduled to be off, so he ended up with a 4 day weekend!
The boys like to surprise me sometimes and actually smile for the camera. ;)
I still haven't packed away the boys Christmas theme toys and every day, Evan plays with the Little People Nativity set.
Monday our playgroup was cancelled and the boys were both in a mood. I finally put them in the car and just drove around for a few minutes. I got them some lunch through a drive-thru and put on a movie. They were being so good, that I just parked in the driveway and let them eat and watch their movie. It was nice to have a few minutes of piece and quiet. Some days they don't fight at all and play really good but Monday was not one of those days and I felt like I was pulling them off each other or telling somebody "no" every two seconds.
Tuesday, the boys went back to school. the teachers warned us that the kids might have a hard time since they haven't been in two weeks and to be prepared for crying. I figured at least one of them would cry when I dropped them off, but they both took off and didn't even look back when they yelled "bye mom" I was so relieved. I went and did a little shopping while they were in school. I'd been wanting to go into Staples for a few months and check out their Martha Stewart line. It was amazing just like I expected. I also got these pens for $5.00 a pack, the papermate ones are normally close to $20.00 a pack (which is why I've never bought them before)
The boys love when Greg gets home. Sometimes, I'll tell them that daddy will be home in a few minutes and we go to the front room and watch for him. They get so excited when his car pulls up and they yell hi and wave. it's very cute.
Carter knocking on the window to get his attention
Tuesday, we went to Yoder's after Greg got off. Carter loves petting the goats. He just goes up to them all by himself. I remember when he was scared of the goats.
Evan loves anything he can hang on or climb.
I took several of Carter with the goats because I think it's so cute how much he likes them.
I love that the boys love animals.
The boys love the swings there, too.
Wednesday night, we took the boys to the park. They played so good, we were there for about an hour and could have stayed longer if it didn't get dark so early. Greg was peeking through a hole in the playground and the boys would come up to it and he'd say boo and theyd' scream and run and then come back and do it all over again. Some other kids saw and started screaming and running with Evan and Carter and pretty soon all the kids were playing this game with Greg and having the best time. Greg was such a trooper and played with all the kids as long as they wanted. I wish I had got a video of it.
Thursday, Greg had off, so we dropped the boys off at preschool together and ran some errands and grabbed lunch. We went to walmart, Target, Trader Joe's, etc. It's funny how something as simple as going to Target is such a different experience when you don't have the kids. We were able to browse and walk slow. It was nice. Then we had lunch at The Noodle Company. It was good and I'm glad we tried it, but I wouldn't go back.
That night, we took the boys to a place called Riverside for dinner. They have delicious burgers, fries, etc. I thought Carter and Greg looked so cute coloring together.
Here's Evan pointing to what he wanted to drink--wine! That's what I needed after taking both the boys to a sit down restaurant. haha. They are so much better than they used to be, but it's definitely an experience eating out with two, two year olds.
I can't believe today is Friday, it feels like Sunday since Greg has been off for two days. I love when we get long weekends like this. It's been so nice.

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