Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Picture Dump

Not a whole lot has been going on the past few days. It's been cold and preschool is still on winter break, so we've been doing a whole lot of playing.

Here's some pics from them from last Friday.
Thursday night, we went to the store and picked up a box of pancakes (a box of 12) and by the time they boys went to bed on Friday we were completely out. The boys were on a pancake kick, Carter more than Evan, but they ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Saturday morning, I got up and made pancakes for the boys. Evan wouldn't even try them, but Carter loved them!

I feel like a lot of these pictures have to do with eating, but I think that's the only time they stay still enough for me to take their picture. Saturday after the boys nap, we went to Chick-Fil-A. We had coupons for free shakes for the boys and we figured they could play some.

The boys LOVED their shakes and they had a great time.

Sunday, we had a coupon for free kids meals at Jason's Deli, so we went there for lunch. We got there at 11:00 before it got busy, which was nice. The boys loved having their own side of the table to sit on.

I was not impressed. I had heard good things about Jason's Deli, but my sandwich wasn't good, the boys hot dog was cold. :(

Monday, Evan decided to put his couch on the big couch. He ended up using it as a slide later. Never a dull moment.

All the kids in our play group are sick, so we had Monday morning free. I got out some boxes for the boys to play with while I did some baking.

The church that I go to for my MOPs meetings was hosting Tuesday's Table this week and needed volunteers and cooks to help prepare the meals and hand them out to hungry people in the community. I baked over a 100 cookies and bagged them while the boys entertained themselves with the empty boxes.

After all the baking and playing, we decided to relax and watch a movie. This is how Evan likes to watch tv, I don't know how it's comfortable, but he loves to sit like this.

Carter insisted on wearing his sunglasses. I loved that he snuggled up with me to watch the movie.

We have a play date at the preschool tomorrow morning, all the teachers are going to be there and they invited all the kids to come and play for a couple of hours. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll try and do a New Year's post soon, too.

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