Saturday, December 29, 2012

Virginia Discovery Museum

It's been a cold and rainy/snowy week, so the boys and I had to spend a lot o time inside. Luckily, the boys had lots of new toys to play with from Christmas. The boys also had lots of fun playing on my bed while I got ready every morning.

Evan's goal is to get every pillow off the bed as fast as possible.

The boys played a little bit on Thursday morning with their toys.

And then we headed off to the Children's Discovery Museum. We have a season pass, so it's free to go and they even validate your parking. It was the perfect place to go when on such a cold day. Apparently, I was not the only person with this idea, but we got there early, so it wasn't too bad. The boys played so good and had a blast.

Of course, they rarely wanted to play with the same thing, so I was trying to watch them both and talk one into staying a little longer in a particular area or talk the other one into going into a different area so they would stay together. It's been awhile since I've taken both boys there by myself and it actually went really well.

The boys always love the toddler area with the slide.

They each had to push every.single.button. :)

Panera has a great set up in one of the back room of a fake, kid-size store with all kinds of fake pastries, a register, etc.

Carter offering me a muffin. We were the first ones back there, so the boys got to check that area out. It's usually so packed.

Of course, the train table is always something the boys want to play with.

Both boys love pushing the crosswalk button on the sign.

Carter taking "pretend" bites after I told Evan that they weren't real and we had to "pretend" eat it.

There's a fun craft room where the boys got to color.

There's a free carousel outside of the museum and when we left there was nobody on it, so the boys got to ride it for a little bit. They loved "riding the horses"

The boys got a gift from their Aunt Carrie, Uncle Eric and cousins Ian & Lainey and loved it. They got a few new books that they were so excited to read.

As soon as we opened the books, Evan pointed to this one and said "It's Carter" and every time he sees the book he says "it's Carter!" haha.

Any resemblance?

It's one thing being cold outside, but it's been so windy and either snowing or sleeting a lot. It looks like we're going to have several days next week where it's going to be cold, but clear, so we'll bundle up the boys and take advantage of being able to get outside.

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