Sunday, December 23, 2012

Multiples Christmas Party

Saturday morning, we went to our multiples playgroup Christmas party. We had the kids draw names for a secret santa gift exchange, we had brunch, mimosas, crafts for the kids, etc. It was a lot of fun and nice for the dads to see how playgroups usually go. There were 4 sets of parents and 11 kids. 9 of those kids were 2 year olds.

Here's the boys playing with their friends.

Evan working on his homemade ornament craft. One of the older girls helped him. There were two older sisters of the twin girls in our group and they were so helpful and good with all the kids.

Evan opening his secret santa gift. He was so excited to open it. Carter had marshmellows and to him, that was better than any present, so he let Evan open his too.

All the kids opening their gifts. (and Carter eating his marshmellows. ;)

When we got home (and came down from the sugar rush) Greg and the boys took a nap while I went to the grocery store. After loading up the groceries in the trunk and shutting it, I realized that my keys had fell out of my purse and were in the car and for some reason, the trunk locks automatically when you shut it. So, I had 3 bags of stuff I was going to put in the front seat and my purse and my keys, all the groceries and our only set of carseats were locked in the van. I called Greg and since he couldn't come get me because he had the boys, he got off the phone and started down the street to ask some neighbors for help. The first two he went to weren't home, but then he asked a guy that lives a couple houses down for help and he immediately got his wallet and keys and drove to Kroger to bring me my spare key. I'm so thankful that he helped us out, if I would have had to wait on a locksmith or take a cab to the house to get my keys it would have cost us a ton of money and our groceries would have probably been spoiled by then. We are very lucky to have such nice neighbors.

Just waiting at my car with a starbucks.

After I got home and all the groceries unloaded, we took the boys to the park. It was pretty cold, but it's calling for rain or snow all this week, so since they asked to go, we figured we should before we're stuck in the house due to bad weather. The boys love the seesaw, so Greg rode it with Evan. Evan thought it was so funny.

The boys climbing, one of their favorite things to do.

Afterwards we decided to attempt to eat dinner. We haven't gone to a sit down restaurant in a long, long time because it was just getting too hard with the boys. We went to mexican because it's always fast and we decided to skip the high chairs and just let them sit in a regular chair. It actually went really well. The boys loved the chips and getting to drink out of their cups.

Evan wanted to cut his chip into smaller pieces with his butter knife. He actually did this without making a mess and ate the pieces he cut off, so we let him do it.

Greg and Carter. It also helped that we sat next to a window and the boys could see the cars driving by.

The best, blurry picture we could get.

We had a great day (besides me getting locked out of my car) I love days like this where we stay busy and the boys have fun. After the boys went to bed, we watched Elf and wrapped some presents.

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