Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blood Work and Ice Cream

Wednesday morning, Evan had an appointment to get some blood work done. He has eczema on his armpits and in his elbow creases, not terrbile and not all the time, but it keeps coming back and his doctor suspects it may be an allergic reaction to something he's eating. Greg took him to the allergist to get some testing done, but after waiting an hour to see the doctor, there's no way that Evan would have sat there for the testing, he was ready to go. So, Greg asked for an order to just get some blood work done. Carter has had it done before and he just sat there and let them draw his blood, no crying, jerking, nothing. He takes after is mama. ;) However, we learned on Wednesday morning that when it comes to needles, Evan takes after his daddy.

I have to start with this picture, Evan eating croutons for breakfast. He ate a ton and they are so garlicky. The whole kitchen smelled like them. Ugh. And of course, Carter wanted some when he saw that Evan was eating them.

The boys were in such a good mood in the waiting room, playing and having fun. When the nurse came to the waiting room and called Evan's name, Carter said "Come On!" and yelled to the nurse as he was running towards her "I'm coming!" they were so happy to see her, she even said something about it. they stopped and said hi to her and followed her to the room.

And then they picked Evan up and put him on the exam table and that is when our morning went downhill. Evan fought and screamed the entire time. Carter came over and rubbed his head and said "it's ok" which was so sweet. He blew two veins, and when they got a good vein, he was tensing up SO bad that it was cutting off blow flow to the vein. They decided to quit trying and give him some time to calm down. They gave the boys a freezer pop, which calmed him down immediately. They tried again and it just wasn't happening. They ended up getting 3cc and they needed 10cc. :( So, they had to change what they were testing for since they had less blood to work with. We were there for an hour and it was heartbreaking seeing Evan get so upset.

Although, you wouldn't even know anything had happened when they gave him the second freezer pop. Those boys love them some freezer pops.

After such a rough and heartbreaking morning, and since I promised Evan the world while we were at the doctor's office, I decided to treat the boys to a little ice cream on the way home. They were so excited. I got them each their own cup and let them go at it.

They did SO much better than I expected. I don't think either one of them spilled any ice cream on them while we were there.

I tried to get the boys to smile for the camera and this was the face that Carter gave me. Haha. cream!

Evan kept saying "cheese" but was not going to stop eating to smile for me.

I went to get some napkins and the one of the employees saw me and handed me this huge roll of paper towels. Haha!

The boys ate about 2/3 of their ice cream and then we went home. When we got home, they decided they wanted the rest of it right away and it had melted a little. They made a huge mess and Evan needed an entire outfit change. Then, he decided he didn't want a new shirt and would rather go around shirtless. He played for a little bit and took a nap shirtless. Such a goober.

We got a package in the mail from Brandi and I want to open it so bad! Eek! But, I'm trying to wait until Christmas. I love getting packages or even just mail. It makes me happy.

After the boys nap, we asked them what they wanted to do. Evan always wakes up in the morning and from naps with a specific plan of what he wants to do. It's almost always the opposite of what we need to do that day. Like on preschool days he says he wants to go to a friends house, on days we have our play dates, he says he wants to go to the store, on days it's raining he wants to go to the park. But, we let them decide what we did and they both wanted to go to the park. They had a blast. It was chilly, but not too bad.

So, that was our day. I have no idea what the next step is going to be after they test the blood, but I do know that getting more blood work is not an option. Hopefully, we'll get some answers from the blood work and won't need to do anything else, but we'll see. We should find out in about 2 weeks.

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