Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our Week

I can't believe it's been a week since I've posted last. Here's what we've been up to this week.

Monday we had our weekly play date. The boys had a blast, like always.

I gave the boys popcorn for the first time ever. I was so excited to try this idea out in Target, thinking it would buy me so much time to shop, but the boys were not impressed with the popcorn. I wish I would have got a picture of Evan's face after his first bite, he looked at me like I had poisoned him.

Early in the week, Evan had a runny nose and cough. No fever or anything, but on Thursday when I picked him up from preschool, he wasn't feeling good. He actually wanted me to rock him to sleep for his nap. :( He woke up on Friday feeling much better.
But, Friday morning, Carter woke up (at 4:00am)with a fever and bad cough. He was pitiful. Greg actually came home early to take care of Evan while I took care of Carter and I was so thankful for that. Greg took Evan to preschool to pick up the school pictures, Target to get medicine for Carter, and Dunkin Donuts to get the boys a treat and a frozen mocha for me. (we had finally got the boys back on track as far as only having their pacifiers during nap at bedtime, but he was just too pitiful on Friday to take it from him)

Greg texted me from preschool with the pictures to see what I wanted. Carter had refused to sit down for the photographer and after begging and pleading and finally bribing with Skittles, he wouldn't agree to sit, but he agreed to give Evan a hug. But, Evan had already had his pictures done and was done.

But, Evan had been excited to get his pictures done and sat for the photograher and listened to her. Look how precious this picture is. I love it so much. I'm obsessed with it, I looked at it a million times. It's hard to get them to look at the camera and smile and for her to capture this just made me so happy. And he looks like such a big boy. sniffle, sniffle.

Friday after Carter's nap, he still had a fever that wasn't going down with medicine and his cough seemed so awful to me, so I took him to the doctor. At 4:10, on a Friday, during flu season. We were there for 2 hours, but it turns out he had bronchilitis (sp?) and his oxygen levels were pretty low, so I'm so glad that we got it checked out. They gave him a nebulizer treatment and wanted to see us back this morning for a follow up to make sure he was getting better.

Carter slept pretty good last night and woke up with no fever! He was acting like he felt so much better. We had reservations to see Santa Cow at Chick-Fil-A, since we knew that Carter wouldn't sit on his lap or really interact with other kids, we went ahead and stopped at Chick-Fil-A on the way to the doctor's appointment.

I didn't get a lot of pictures, but there was a photographer there that took tons and is going to mail them to the parents and post them on their Facebook page, so I'll post more when I get those back. I'm so glad we went. There was hardly anybody there and the set up was amazing. They had tons of reserved tables with crayons, coloring pages, hats, etc for the kids, a snowflake decorating station, a face tattoo table, Santa Cow, free breakfast meals for everybody who made reservations, candy canes, etc. We walked in and we were greeted by an employee and while we were talking to her, Evan just ran over to Santa Cow and hopped up in his lap! No fear, he was so excited! Then he played in the play area, while we waited on our breakfast.

We had so much food! The boys loved the hashbrowns and chicken minis and Carter ate more than he had in a couple of days. Both boys loved their chocolate milk and thought they were something getting to drink straight from the container. Carter won a little clothing battle against Greg and wore his pajama shirt with his jeans out today. They wore their new John Deere pjs last night and were both not wanting to change this morning.

We went by the doctor's office and the boys started fighting over the magna doodle, so the sweet nurse grabbed another one. I got them each one for Christmas and a magna doodle easel, so I'm so excited for them to open those, I think they're going to get a lot of use. Carter's oxygen levels were back to normal and doing so much better! We were in and out super fast.

Evan had been pretty hyped up when he woke up Saturday morning, with Greg working late and it being so cold out and the fact that they hadn't been feeling good, we hadn't been going outside to play much this morning and I think that extra energy was building up. When they woke up from their naps, both boys were going at 100mph, it was like Carter hadn't been sick at all. We asked them if they wanted to go to the park and they both said they wanted to go to "Yoder's" So, we took them up there to play and see the animals and they had so much fun. You could tell they needed it.

Evan smiled for me, so I'm hoping that maybe this might be the new normal and I'll actually be able to start getting some good pictures of them. I love this picture.

Greg and Carter checking out the turkeys.

I love taking the boys to Yoder's because we don't go there a ton and when we do, I can really see a difference in how much they've grown since the last time we went. It's hard to see the differences in our normal everyday routine sometimes, but today when we went they said so much more, they identified the animals, they ask for "more corn" to feed the animals. Evan found a cup and was using that to put the corn in and let the goats eat out of that and when the goat would take a break he'd say "you want more?" it was so cute! Carter was feeding a baby goat out of his hand like such a pro and then started petting him. I love that they love animals. When the goat started walking off, he said "come back here!" haha.

Evan has been very sweet to Carter the past two days when he wasn't feeling good. He'd ask him "why are you crying?" and tell him it's ok. He's done a better job at sharing because we told him Carter wasn't feeling good. If one of them is crying, the other one will go up to him, rub his back and say "are you ok?" I definitely want to remember those things and I'm going to try and make more of a point to blog about those things that I want to remember.

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