Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sunday Drives and Breathing Treatments

Sunday morning, the boys were bored and fussy. It was rainy and cold out and Carter wasn't doing as good as he was on Saturday, so we went for a drive. We put them in their carseats, got some coffee at Sheetz and just drove around while the boys watched a movie in the back. We got out of the house and it entertained the boys. We haven't done that since they were infants and wouldn't take a nap.

Monday morning, the boys woke up in good moods and played with their toys.

The boys love playing with their blanket forts and Evan loves jumping on and off anything he can.

We headed to our play group and the boys had a blast. The mom that hosted even had an ornament craft set up for the kids. I forgot to get a picture of the boys ornament but it was super cute.

I did snap a picture of the triplets making their ornaments.

During the boys nap, I got on Pinterest like I usually do and was just looking through pins and I come across a picture of my friend, Brandi! I thought it was so neat, of course I had to take a picture and send it to her immediately.

I went to Walmart to get a few things and wanted to mention how obsessed I am with these. I got a plug in wax cube warmer for my secret sister gift at MOPs and the sparkling cranberry zest wax cubes and they smell amazing! I went and picked up a couple more scents and I'm going to get a few more wax warmers also. The wax cubes are only $2.00 and they smell so good. It's like Scentsy, but less expensive. :)

We've had to give Carter a breathing treatment 2-3 times a day per the doctor's orders. She suggested doing this for several days, even if he sounds better. It's pitiful and he's starting to hate it. He does the best with the first one of the day when he first wakes up.

We put on a movie and hope that it distracts Carter enough to last through the treatment and also distracts Evan so he's not trying to "help" Carter by turning off the machine or trying to take off the mask.

Tuesday afternoon, we took the boys to the park. Evan has been throwing more tantrums the past couple of days and I think he was just getting bored since we were staying home more than usual. We went the park and let the boys get some energy out and then went to the store (one of Evan's favorite things to do) and it made a huge differnce. These boys definitely need their outdoor time.

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