Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trip to See Santa

Sunday morning, we took the boys to the mall to see Santa. I cannot belive this is their third time! The boys were really excited while we were in line and Evan went right up to him and hopped on his lap, but Carter did not want to sit on his lap. He gave him high five, said "hi", but cried when I tried to sit him on his lap. I have no problems putting a crying kid on Santa and getting a picture, but Carter was NOT having it, he immediately got down. So, we decided to get a family picture with Santa.

Evan kept looking at Santa and the girls wanted him to look at the camera. I was holding Carter and wasn't able to tell them, but I would have loved to have one of him looking at Santa. It was so sweet. He answered his questions and everything, like they were best buds.

Such a big boy!

Here's our family picture with Santa.

They give you three pictures, so we got another one with Evan and Santa.

Here's the boys in line before we saw Santa. I love their shirts!

After pictures, Santa gave the boys each a mini candy cane. The boys LOVE candy, since they just recently discovered it. In retrospect, I think if we would have given Carter candy, he would have sat on Santa's lap. Oh well. We tried to get a picture in front of the Christmas display, but they are all about those mini candy canes.

Evan was having a hard time getting his out and Carter wasn't wasting any time eating his.

Evan, giving us his "cheese" face. And of course, Carter is blurry.

I love taking the boys to the mall to get their pictures taken with Santa, and we'll do it as long as they'll let us. The boys both liked Santa and are starting to get the idea, so I'm super excited about our breakfast with Santa this Saturday. It's a breakfast with fun activities and Santa will be there. Since, we've already got our pictures with Santa for this year, there will be no pressure to get any with him there, so the boys can go up to Santa and talk to him and give him five or just eat pancakes and color. Whatever they want to do is fine. We love getting out of the house with the boys so this busy holiday time is perfect for us.

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