Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our Saturday and Christmas Traditions

Saturday morning, we went to Breakfast with Santa at the church where the boys preschool is. They had pancakes and sausage, a coloring table, a craft table, kids movies, and Santa. The boys had so much fun. A friend from their class was there and his mom was actually in my labor and delivery class (from when we were pregnant)--it's such a small town, I feel like little coincidences like that happen all the time.

These pictures are out of order, but I didn't feel like fixing them. The boys had orange juice for the first time and they were obsessed! They drank cup afer cup after cup. They got one last cup before we left and we went outside to drink it. I was taking pictures of the boys and Carter scooted up right next to Evan without me even having to ask.

The boys loved the coloring table.

Another picture of them drinking oj. I probably annoyed Greg with how tickled I was (I may have talked about it all morning. ;)) at the boys and their love of orange juice, but it was just so cute to see them so happy. I love how simple things make them so happy.

The boys with their friend, Konner.

Santa was there and taking free pictures with the kids. We asked Evan if he wanted to sit in Santa's lap and he said "yes" and ran over to him, turned his back to him and backed up to him so Santa could pick him up and put him on his lap. It was so cute, Santa laughed when Evan put his back to him--he knew the drill! He talked with Santa and smiled and just loved it. I know he doesn't get the concept of Santa bringing him presents, so I'm not sure why he loves him so much, but I'm so glad he does. Carter didn't want to sit on his lap, and we were fine with that, we didn't push him.

More pictures of the boys drinking orange juice. Look at that happy face!

I didn't even have to beg or bribe Carter to smile for the camera, this is what he looks like when he has orange juice! I'm obsessed with this picture, I love it. Needless to say, on our way home when we stopped by the grocery store for some things, we also picked up a gallon of orange juice. :)

I love their cute Christmas shirts from their Grandma! They were perfect for our Breakfast with Santa.

The weather was so nice today that we decided to stop at the park on the way home and let the boys play.

Another oj pictures, out of order, last one, I promise. :)

The boys had a blast at the park.

During the boys nap, I did a little Christmas shopping. The stores were insane and I'm so glad that I went during their nap instead of trying to take them out with me in that madness. The boys got up and watched "Aladdin" for the first time, Greg was able to get it from a guy he works with and they loved it. We had dinner and then we all changed into our Christmas pjs from Greg's mom and drove around to look at Christmas lights.
I made hot cocoa for the boys to drink, but it was too hot to bring with us, so it cooled while we looked at lights and they got to drink it when we got home.

Christmas this year is so different now that the boys are older. I love that we're able to do more things with them like the parades, breakfast with Santa, driving around looking at lights, and they actually get it. I know the next several years, they'll understand more and get to do more and I love that. I love that we're starting our traditions that hopefully we do year after year with the boys. I want to enjoy this and soak it all up because I know this time will pass so quickly.

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