Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter Blah's

It's been a long time since I blogged last. We hadn't been doing a whole lot because of the cold weather and then the boys got sick, so we dealt with that for a week. :( This is a picture dump of the pictures I got before the sickies took over.
Greg got in an organizing mood and went through a lot of the boys toys and put some in bins to play with later (to rotate the toys) the rest went to the Goodwill up the road. It's so nice to have some of the clutter gone, our house is still overtaken with toys, but it's much neater, thanks to Greg. :)

This is what Evan looks like when I go and wake him up from his nap. Not quite awake yet, kinda in a daze.

We've played a lot with play doh.

Carter woke up before Evan one afternoon and wanted to go get him up, we try not to let the boy nap too late so that it won't mess up their bedtime, so I let him go in there and get Evan up. He was so excited and happy to see Evan. I LOVE this picture. Look how happy Carter is and then look at Evan's face. bahahahaha. I love it.

We've done lots of coloring. The boys discovered my pretty colored pens, so that's what they like to use instead of crayons now. Look at Evan's intense face in this pic. Haha.

Carter asked to wake Evan up another day and I let him. He brought a book to make Evan less mad about getting woke up.

Carter asked me to take a picture of him!

If people ever think, I wonder how she gets things done with twin boys. The answer is, I don't.

We were starting to run short on ideas on indoor activities we could do with the boys since it's so cold out. We took them to Starbucks and got them a kid temperature hot cocoa and a vanilla scone. They LOVED the hot cocoa.

We made a couple of quick trips over the past couple weeks to a park. We'd go when it was sunny and not too cold and made sure to bundle up.

We went to the mall play area, which I'm thinking that the boys have outgrowned. They don't seem to love it anymore.

Eatng spaghetti. Carter would much rather be fed than have to dirty his hands and Greg LOVES that so he can keep at least one of the boys somewhat neat during dinner time.

Mommy's little helper.

We took the boys to get ice cream one afternoon, just for no other reason than to get out of the house. The boys love ice cream.


Evan's bites started getting bigger and bigger until he just decided to try and drink the ice cream.
 Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we took the boys to Bounce and Play. Normally, Evan is all over the place, climbing all the slides and going down even the highest ones, but Carter hasn't been brave enough to try a lot of what Evan is doing. Well, he is not scared anymore and spent the entire time climbing everything and having a blast. They were worn out when we left there.

I love so much that Carter is able to do the things that Evan is there. It's like something clicked for him, because now he's not scared to go on the Chick-Fil-A playground or the indoor playground at Taco Bell, he has no fear. It's easier to take them to places like that by myself when they will both do the same things.

After we went to Bounce and Play and came home was when Carter started acting like he didn't feel all that great. After dinner he started running a fever and him and Evan coughed a lot in their sleep Monday night and both woke up with coughs and runny noses on Tuesday. :(

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