Friday, January 4, 2013

Play dates and Children's Museum

This week has been pretty relaxing and laid back. Since the boys are on winter break from preschool, we don't have to be anywhere early, so we've been able to have some relaxing mornings. We usually just play with toys and watch a little bit of a movie.
Wednesday, the preschool that the boys go to held a play date for all the students. The pastor of the church (that the preschool is in) his wife and kids were there along with two of the boys classmates. It was nice to get out and let the boys play. Of course, there was snacking involved. Always a very important part of any playdate.
There were tons of riding toys and things to do. The boys had a good time.  
I've been sticking with my new year's resolutions! It's only the 4th, but still. :)
I discovered this on Wednesday. It's the best thing ever. So good, that I'm blogging about it. If you haven't tried it, you have to get some. I've been planning my meals around what this would go good on. I've had egg whites for lunch the past two days because it's so good on eggs. Mmmm....
We've made a lot of forts this week. The boys love playing in forts.
The boys had a friend from preschool over on Thursday for a play date. His mom was in my birthing class, actually. It's such a small world. His little brother, who is 5 months old, also came. Carter was so sweet with him. He rubbed his tummy and just liked hanging out with him. It really melted my heart. Evan, on the other hand, was not a big fan of the baby.  
Today, I took the boys to the Children's Museum. it was packed!! I've never seen it so busy and we got there right when they open. But, the boys had fun.
Each time we go, they seem to discover something new that they like to play with.
Evan put so much mail in this mailbox. I've never seen him play with something so long at the museum.
Carter would pretend eat the pastries and say "yum!"
Of course, we had to spend some time in the art room. They have markers for the kids to use, so I let the boys have at it while we're there because there is no way I'm giving them markers at home to color with.
The kept rolling the bucket up and down in this little well.
On our way out, the boys rode the carousal. There were several other kids on it and I thought they'd get a little scared since they older kids go faster, but the boys loved it.

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