Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Egg Challenge

Monday morning, at 8:00, Carter had an appointment at his allergist for an "egg challenge". When he went to get his annual blood work back in August, it came back with a low allergy for eggs, which the doctor said that since it was low it could mean that he's allergic to eggs, but it didn't necessarily mean that he was allergic to eggs. (I know, that doesn't make sense to me either) The doctor recommended coming back for a 4.5 hour egg challenge, where they give him tiny bites of egg, wait for 15-20 minutes and then give him a little more and see if he has any reactions.
The doctor wanted me to bring french toast in since it was something with egg on it that a toddler would likely eat. Apparently, like Carter, most toddlers don't like eggs. I got up early and cooked some french toast (I also made scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs, and muffins with eggs in them, just in case) and got Carter up about 5 minutes before we had to leave, changed him and off we went. Greg took the morning off to stay home with Evan because 4 and half hours in an exam room with one toddler was plenty.
Carter on our way to the doctor. He
I had been giving Carter things with egg in it and he even had deviled eggs once before this blood work showed he might be allergic. So, I asked them to do a skin test before we started to see what that showed and it came back as a mid-grade allergic reaction. So, we went on with the egg challenge.
I bought Carter a new truck at Walmart just for this appointment. He LOVES it.
They had a Lightening McQueen car in the toy bin there and Carter really liked it.
I did something I swore I'd never do, I let my toddler touch my ipad. Carter was getting antsy, so I let him play a kids drawing game on my ipad. He liked it and it killed some time. He wasn't allowed to eat anything before we got there and the bites of french toast were so tiny. They started with one bite and waited 20 minutes, then two small bites, another twenty minutes and it was his first time having french toast and he loved it. He would get so excited when the nurse came in with the plate and he would say "Yummy!!" and ask for more. It was so heartbreaking to tell him he'd have to wait a little bit before getting more.
Greg and I found this cheap castle with knights and dragons at Walmart on clearance and picked it up just for this appointment also. I tried to be prepared because I knew he'd need lots to distract him.
We went into the waiting room for awhile and watched cartoons. We ended up running into another mom in my MOPs group that was there with her son getting him tested for allergies.
He had hit his limit and was ready to go, so I let him roam the halls. He found this ramp that led up to the medical records and the break room. He ran up and down it several times. He just had energy that he needed to burn off.  
He did great with the french toast and they started giving him more each time. About 11:00ish they were able to give him an entire slice of french toast but we had to wait 45 minutes after he ate it to make sure there wasn't a reaction. That was when he really hit his limit. He cried and screamed. He wanted to go and kept pulling me towards the door and trying to push it open. Finally, the doctor came in and said it was safe to say that he wasn't allergic to eggs. He does have a topical reaction to them, so he can't touch raw eggs (no cookie dough) and all his eggs need to be well cooked (so no runny yolks). The doctor said that even people who don't have egg allergies will have a reaction to touch raw eggs. So, I don't know why that is, but not letting him have runny yolks or touch cookie dough is no big deal. I'm so thankful he is not allergic to eggs. I have been so worried about this and I'm glad it's over.
Carter was so happy to leave and get home to see Evan.
Greg and Evan had quite the morning also. They went to Bounce and Play and had a blast and then went to lunch at one of our favorite pizza places because Evan requested pizza for lunch. I'm glad they got to have some one on one time.
Since Greg went in late, he worked late. So after the boys nap, we went in the basement and played with flashlights. You could tell they missed each other this morning because they played so well together. It was so much fun watching them.
I wish these pictures weren't so dark, but I had to post them since you can kinda see them playing in the dark with their Cars flashlights.

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