Thursday, October 21, 2010

2 Months Old

The boys are two months old as of Monday. I can't believe it. Everybody told us the cherish the time because it will fly by, and it really does. They have changed so much since we brought them home from the hospital.

Both of you are now wearing 0-3 month size clothes, although a lot of 0-3 months size pants and hoodies are still too big or long on you both. You both are in size 1 diapers. Both of you are still eating every 3 hours during the day, although I think that you guys could go a little longer sometime, your pediatrician recommended feeding you that often so you'll be more likely to go longer at night. You guys need a certain amount of calories a day and we'd rather you get most of them during the day. You guys are becoming pretty predictable with your napping routine and your moods throughout the day. You both travel very well, we've been able to take you guys shopping and even out to lunch one day. Both of you are now sleeping in your cribs at night, with the lights off. You both can go at least 4 hours from your dinner bottle until your first nightime bottle, although both of you have gone as long as 5 hours several times. You guys sleep great, you both seem to know that nighttime is for sleeping and after your nighttime feedings you go back to sleep pretty fast. You both have been smiling and cooing for 3-4 weeks now and everyday you seem to do more and more of it. I've heard both of you do something that resembles laughing, so I think that's going to start happening regularly in the near future. You both love the baby gym and get so mesmerized by the moving parts and the zebra prints. You both seem to love music, especially upbeat tunes.

We're not sure how much either of you weigh. Your 2 month doctor's appointment isn't until Tuesday, the 26th and we can't wait to find out how much you two have grown. We're not looking forward to you guys getting your immunizations, but we're sure you'll both do fine. It'll probably be harder on us than it will be on you.

I just cannot believe how lucky we are to have not one, but two, easy going and happy babies. I do not take it for granted that neither of you cry very much and that both of you are pretty good sleepers. We could not have asked for sweeter babies and we are so thankful everyday for them.

Evan was giving me a few smiles, but it was hard to catch them. and of course it was impossible to catch both of them smiling at the same time.

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