Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lazy Day

Today was a nice, relaxing day at the house. The weather was gorgeous, so Carter, Evan, and I decided to go for a walk. It was nice to get a little fresh air and exercise. When we go home, the boys had playtime and I brought out the baby gym for them to use. They both seemed to love it, although Evan seemed a little more interested in Carter, and then in the camera when I was trying to take some pictures. The boys have started "talking" to each other today. One will coo and then the other will respond, it's the cutest thing. They were doing it while they were playing on the baby gym and then after we laid them in their cribs for bed, we heard them over the baby monitor "talking" for quite some time. We just sat there in silence and listened to them the whole time. Greg and I both got a kick out of it. Not much else is going on today, but I did take a lot of pictures.

My mums are doing great. I thought they were yellow when I bought them, but I was wrong. I actually like the white better than the yellow that I thought I was getting.

Evan on our walk.
Carter on our walk.
Evan's new pacifer. We got two with different sayings on them, I think they're cute.

The boys on the baby gym. Evan was looking at Carter for awhile and then got really into the baby gym. As soon as I got the camera out he became facinated with that. Of course when I'm trying to get the boys to look at the camera, they won't and when I'm trying to catch them doing something, they just want to look at the camera. But, Carter was not distracted by the camera. He's obsessed with the zebra pole, he just stared at it, then he'd smile and do this laugh sound he's been working on.
Both boys enjoying the baby gym.

Evan still looking at the camera.

You can't see them, but Carter's shirt has skulls all down both sleeves. I got the boys' onsies at Baby Gap on clearance. They didn't have two of the same shirt, but they did have two different ones with skulls on them, so I got them. They ended up being about $5.00 a piece, not bad for long sleeve onsies from Baby Gap.

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