Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spoiled Rotten

The boys got a Halloween gift from their sweet aunt Carrie and Grandma Westover today. I can't wait to dress the boys up in their cute Halloween outfits and pose for pictures in front of some pumpkins.

We also got a package from Kohl's today that my mom, (Granny) bought for the boys. It's several Carter's outfits, onsies, and pants. I love Carter's brand clothes. They fit the boys so well and they're so cute. They also have so many different onsies that all seem to coordinate well with the pants the boys own, so I end up having to buy less clothes. That's basically all the boys own and Greg asked me if Carter's was the pretty much the only brand of baby clothes there is because that's all he sees in their closet. Just a few weeks ago, the boys got some fall outfits from Granny and their aunt Caroline. These boys have so many clothes, and I love it!! It's so much fun to go into their closet every morning and pick out a cute outfite for them.

Evan in his new onsie from Granny

Carter in his new outfit from Granny. Greg loves this onsie. I think it's one of his favorites.
Clothes that came from Kohl's

More clothes from Granny

The boys first Halloween gift. I love it!! I'm so excited for all the boys first that we get to experience.

People have been so generous and given the boys and us so much and we are so thankful. We are a little behind on sending out our thank you cards. When we finally got some cards from the store and addressed them, we realized we didn't have stamps. This was last weekend and we finally just got some today, so we will be sending those out tomorrow. Running errands is much different now that we have twins, we can't just run to the post office and get stamps with two babies. It's actually harder to go to those quick small places like the post office, Starbucks, Subway, etc because I'd have to carry both carseats since they don't have carts and I don't even think our double stroller would fit into those places. It's actually easier to go to Target, Babies R Us, etc since they have carts or are big enough for the double stroller.

My next several posts will probably be mostly pictures since we're still working out a routine. We're finally on our own after 8 weeks of help from family. So, it's a little trial and error on figuring out what works for us, what schedule gives us the most sleep, what schedule has the boys in the best mood, etc. I do hope to post a good update on the boys on Monday since that will be the day they're 2 months old! I can't believe how fast it's gone by.

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