Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flu Shots

Last Thursday, I took Evan and Carter up to Greene Family Medicine, where I used to work, to see the girls and get my flu shot. The boys were so sweet for everybody, they loved all the attention and the girls loved giving it. They ate the boys up, and who can blame them. :)

Yesterday we took the boys to their pediatrician for their 2 month check up and they're doing great. Evan weighs 10lbs 5oz and is 22.5 inches and Carter weighs 11lbs 2oz and is 23 inches long. Evan is in the 10th percentile for his weight and 25 percentile for both his length and his head circumference. Carter is in the 25th percentile for his weight and length and in the 50th percentile for his head circumference. Greg thought that was funny. ;) Both boys were all smiles for the doctor, she thought they were so cute. She thinks Evan is a little ladies' man because he was very flirty. He wouldn't stop smiling at her. They were so good and then the nurse came in with the needles. They each had to get two shots, one in each leg and an oral immunization. It was so pitiful. Both boys cried when getting their shots but calmed down as soon as we held them. We made some stops on the way home and after our last stop, the boys started crying again and cried the whole way home. Carter cried quite a bit last night. He finally calmed down and slept like a baby all night. Evan calmed down as soon as we got home and slept the rest of the afternoon and night. We had to wake him to feed him and he went right back to sleep. Today the boys are back to their old selves, thank goodness. Their next appointment is in 2 months & they'll have to get more shots at that appointment. Poor boys.

The doctor did want to make sure that Greg and I had got our flu shots and she also said that anybody who will be spending time with the boys during flu season needs to get their shots as well. So, the grandparents/aunts/uncles/etc would need to get their flu shots just to be on the safe side. We wouldn't want our little cutie pies getting sick. So, we're asking that anybody who wants to spend some time with them this winter get their flu shots (especially if you are going to be on a plane during the height of flu season) hint, hint ;)

Our goal with the boys now is to eliminate their second nighttime bottle. They are old enough and weigh enough to go without it now. It's a great step for the boys to prepare them for sleeping through the night which we hope to have happen in about 6 weeks and it'll be great for us to start getting a little more sleep at night. Wish us luck.

Here's some pictures.

Elena, Lori, and Nicole with the boys

Elena with Carter

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