Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yesterday I decided to be brave and go to Wal-Mart with the boys while Greg was at work. It was my first time going out with both boys alone. I thought it would be best to leave after their mid-morning bottle, so I fed them at 9:00 and got them dressed. Evan was being a little fussy and did not appreciate being put in the carseat, but I didn’t let it discourage me. I loaded up the boys and drove the long way around the neighborhood to leave. I figured if I went around the neighborhood a couple of times and Evan didn’t calm down, then I would just go back home. Before I even had a chance to get to the end of the street, Evan calmed down. Evan and Carter were both great the rest of the trip. Evan slept the whole time and Carter just looked around while I was shopping. I was very excited that our first outing went so well. It was just a quick trip to grab a couple of items, but I may try a trip out to Target later this week. I love getting out of the house and I’m always up for looking around Target. I have a feeling that being able to take the boys shopping is going to lead to me spending a lot more money. :)

Greg got off early yesterday and came home around lunch time. The boys had been so good all morning and since I was so excited that my walmart trip went well, I suggested we go out to lunch. We loaded up the boys and headed to El Agave, this great little Mexican restaurant close by. We sat outside because the weather was great and we figured it’d be better to be outside in case the boys started fussing. We had the whole patio to ourselves, which was nice. The boys were great the entire time. We had time to enjoy our chips and salsa and both of us were able to finish our meal without rushing, we even had time to relax and chat after we were done eating.

Today we’re at home relaxing, the only thing on the agenda is maybe a walk after it warms up a little. Greg is getting off early again today, so he’ll be able to join us.

Here’s some pictures from yesterday.

Me & Evan at El Agave

Greg at El Agave
Evan, sleeping while we were at Walmart
Carter just looking around. You can't see their outfits very well, but they looked super cute yesterday. They were wearing striped polo shirts from Old Navy (that I got for 1.50 each) and a pair of jeans. They looked like big boys.

Yes, I took a picture of the boys in the cracker isle. I was excited and it was our first time out alone, I wanted a picture. Luckily, it was early, so there were hardly any people around.

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