Sunday, March 20, 2011

7 Months

The boys turned 7 months old on Friday. I cannot believe in 5 short months they will be a year old!

I have no idea where this last month has gone. It's been a little hectic, Evan hasn't been sleeping very well--at all, which sometimes wakes Carter up and it's been a lot of sleepless nights. I haven't been as good about taking pictures and videos like I had hoped.

Some of the reason we think Evan hasn't been sleeping well is that he's been teething. He now has two teeth and we think he's getting a 3rd one!

We thought Carter was getting a tooth, but I guess we were wrong. We both saw one and now it's not there, we looked this up and it's very common and was probably a calcium deposit or something, so no teeth for Carter yet.

Evan has been talking up a storm, he loves to yell "mama" and "Baba" but I know he doesn't know what they mean, he's just learning those new sounds, but it's so cute to hear him. He's also started fake coughing, he thinks it's hilarious.

Carter still loves to "growl" and holler. He loves blowing raspberries.

Evan is moving around so much. He just rolls and rolls until he gets to where he wants to go. He has started trying to crawl, he straightens his arms and puts his legs underneath him, and we think it's just a matter of time before he figures it out.

Carter is rolling a lot more now, he usually doesn't do it to get anywhere, he does it to be able to reach a toy.

Carter can sit so well now. Evan, not so much, he is way too energetic to sit still, he likes to be on the move.

They are both napping good, which definitely helps since I'm not getting much sleep at night.

Carter has been sleeping like a champ. There's been some nights when Evan wakes him up, but for the most part, he goes to sleep when we put him down, sleeps through the night, and we usually end up having to wake him up in the morning to keep him and Evan on the same schedule.

Both boys do not want/need us to rock them to sleep anymore. It started with Evan and now Carter. They want to be put in their cribs to go to sleep on their own, which is good, but a little sad. I loved rocking them to sleep!

They both have 4 bottles a day and we feed them solids for breakfast and dinner. Some sort of oatmeal or cereal with fruit for breakfast and dinner has been all kinds of new foods. They've had pretty much every vegetable and now we're just feeding them the mixes, like Sweet Potatoes & Corn, Peas & Rice, etc. They've had the Gerber chicken and rice and they both seemed to like it. We're going to start adding a 3rd meal so that they're on 3 solid meals by the time they turn 8 months old, just like the AAP recommends.

I don't know how much they weigh or how long they are because they didn't see the doctor this month, but they go back on April 4th for their 2nd flu shot and we'll find out then. They are still in 9 month clothing, but are getting a little long for some of their 9 month pjs. We think it's only a matter of time before they're too long for all their 9 month clothes. I think they'd fit in them for quite some time if they weren't so long!

I know there's so much more that they've been up to, but I just can't think. If there's anything else I think, I'll add it later. I'm really going to try and get some videos of them just doing things like rolling, fake coughing, etc. and post them on youtube, it's so cute to see them in action now.

Here's some pictures.

I've been working on the the boys holding their own bottles. Evan loves to hold his own bottle and he's getting so much better. I thought Carter couldn't do it at first, but it turns out he just didn't want to, but if he knows I won't hold it for him he does very good holding it himself, but he'd much rather I do it for him.

Carter sitting so good!
Both boys sitting. Evan can sit good, just not for a very long time. It doesn't take much time before something else catches his eye and he takes off.

They love to play with the exersaucer they aren't on, no matter which one I put them on, they play with the other one.

Evan in a camo outfit that he got as a hand-me down. I thought they looked so cute in this outfit, like they were ready to go hunting with Papaw. :)

Carter in the camo outfit.
This is how every picture of the two of them starts out. But then...
Evan starts squirming so he can get get in the lying down position so he can roll over and move.
Then Carter goes down because he saw Evan doing it.

And this is how they end up. They definitely don't make getting pictures of the two of them easy.

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  1. How precious! My twin boys are 2.5 years old, but honestly, those pics seem like just yesterday-it really does fly by-hang on bc it does get easier and you will get lots more sleep soon!