Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Teething & Random updates

It's been a rough couple of weeks around here. Not so much during the day, but at night. We thought maybe Evan was teething, but we weren't 100% sure. Both boys were sleeping through the night so good and then Evan started waking up several times throughout the night. Then Carter started doing it. They seemed so switch off every other night. Greg and I have been exhausted. On Sunday we decided to go shopping and Evan started fussing while we were out and when we got home, both boys were really fussy. It wasn't typical behavior, so we felt their mouths and Evan had a tooth poking through but Carter didn't. That night was the worst night ever with Carter. He woke up several times and was crying and very fussy. Normally we can rock him or put him in the swing, but Sunday night, nothing worked. Greg ended up sleeping on the couch since he had to work and I basically got up for the day at 1:30am--it was rough. On Monday, I felt Carter's mouth and he had cut a tooth, the exact same tooth that Evan was getting. They've both been sleeping much better since Sunday night, not perfect, but a huge improvement. We've stocked up on baby tylenol and orajel. We have several teething rings in the fridge and we always have the boys favorite vibrating teething rings that they got for Christmas from my family. They seem to like those even more than Sophie their teething giraffe. I'm glad we now know that it was in fact teething that was causing their sleep problems, and hopefully we can get back on track with their sleeping now.

And some other random updates on the boys.

They're napping great, I've finally figured out the perfect time to put them down for their naps and they are usually both asleep within 5 minutes of me putting them down. It's so nice and gives me some much needed time to get things done like washing bottles (a never ending job) cleaning up, grabbing a bite to eat, getting ready, etc.

We've moved on to the second series in the Gerber baby food line. I'm so excited about introducing them to new foods and flavors. The past 4 days, we've been giving them oatmeal with pears and cinnamon for breakfast. Tonight we're giving them sweet potatoes and corn. I love all the flavor combos in the 2nd series, they seem so much more appetizing than the first series. I'm curious to see what things they'll like and dislike.

I finally found the perfect St. Patrick's day outfit for the boys, it only took a few months, 3 people in two different states, and a million different stores to find it, but I finally found it. I'm getting started on my search for the perfect Easter outfit for them now.

The boys are starting to really interact with each other. They both smile and laugh at each other. Evan will roll over to where Carter is, and usually try and steal his toy. They like to be able to see each other while they're eating. It's really cute.

Here's some pictures of the boys playing together.

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