Saturday, March 26, 2011

End of the Week Recap

It has been an exhausting week, I feel like I say that in every post now. The boys slept good from Sunday until Wednesday and then it stopped. Last night was probably one of the worst. We have a million theories, one of them being that it's easier for them to be at a comfortable temperature when the heat isn't kicking on and off. Earlier this week, we were having normal spring weather and they slept fine. Then in the second part of the week, it got cold (we're supposed to get 2-5 inches of snow tomorrow) and they seemed to wake up more. We've tried adjusting the heat, turning the fan on/off, changing the pjs they're in, everything. I know that Greg & I sleep better when the heat isn't on, because when it's running, we're hot, when it's not, we're cold, and it's back and forth all night. When the weather was warming up and we were sleeping with the window open, we all seemed to sleep better. So, that's today's theory on why they're not sleeping well. Other theories include: what solid's we're feeding them, teething, developmental milestones, nightmares, gas, and many more. Everything I've looked up on the internet said it's normal and common for babies who slept good before to start doing this at this age, and that it could be related to a looming developmental milestone or seperation anxiety. We're trying different things to try and pinpoint the cause and see if we can get them to start sleeping better. Hopefully, they start sleeping better soon because we are exhausted!

Anyways, back to the recap. Wednesday, I had a lunch date with a friend, but it was calling for thunderstorms and rain, and it's so hard to get the boys out by myself when it's pouring. So, she was sweet enough to pick up a pizza and come over to my house. We ate, talked, and played with the boys. It was a nice afternoon. I'm so lucky to have met some great people here. It's so nice to meet up once or twice a week with friends, even if I don't even leave the house, and just chat.

Thursday I didn't have any plans, it was rainy most of the day, so the boys and I just hung out at the house. After Greg got home, we ran a few errands, since it had stopped raining. Very uneventful day. The most exciting part of the day was watching the epsiode of Survivor that we tivo'd. We used to watch a ton of tv, now we watch maybe 2-3 shows a week, if that. We only watch tv when the boys are asleep because we don't let the boys watch tv. I know, we're weird.

Friday we had our first activity with the mom group that I joined last week. It was a bbq/playdate at one of the other mom's houses. I was nervous going since I didn't really know anybody, I didn't know if anybody else was going to have babies as young as Evan & Carter, etc. But, I made myself rsvp and go, and I'm glad I did. I wish the weather had been warmer, but it was sunny & clear, so I dressed the boys warm and headed over there. It was a small turnout, only 5 moms were there, including me & the host. But, two of the moms had 10month old girls, so it was nice that I wasn't the only one with young babies. There were 3 boys, all about 2 years old or so (?) and it was fun to watch them and see what I have to look forward to. My boys were very quiet, which was unusual, they just sat and watched everybody very intently. The two 10 month old girls came over and played with the boys a little, they both seemed very smitten with Evan, which he didn't mind one bit. It was so cute. Carter was more shy and quiet, he always seems more interested in the older kids. It definitely wasn't easy being alone there with two 7 month olds. Carter likes to sit, but will fall back sometimes, so I sat close by to make sure he didn't hit his head on the deck and Evan likes to explore, so he is all over the place, leaving his socks behind like a little trail. I'm looking forward to going to a few more to see kinda how everybody else does it and get some ideas, and then I'm going to start trying to host some at my house. I thinking hosting playdates is where it's at. I dont' have to load the boys up, mapquest directions, drive somewhere and try and keep up with them at somebody else house. Our house is set up for them and I know where I can place them and they'll be content and the boys will still get the opportunity to meet other children and I'll get the chance to socialize. As soon as we can get our basement cleaned out and turned into a play area, I think I'll definitely host a playdate at my house.

Carter at the playdate right when we were getting ready to leave. I realized I hadn't taken any pictures.

Evan, our little ladies man.
This weekend we were going to go to a book fair about an hour away, but with it calling for snow last night in the town that we'd have to go to and it calling for 2-5 inches tomorrow, we decided against it. We need to run our errands and do our grocery shopping today since we won't want to get out in the nasty weather tomorrow with the boys. I'm so sick of winter I could scream. I was so excited and happy for the warm weather. But, I guess this will force us to stay home and get some things around the house done.....or nap. :)

One of my hyacinths. I thought it was the sign of warm weather. But, I guess not. :( So sad.

I hope everybody has a good weekend and I hope it's warm and sunny for most of you.

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