Saturday, March 19, 2011

Trip to Yoder's

We had such beautiful weather on Friday and Saturday. Friday night we actually slept with our bedroom window open. It was so nice and I really hope this weather is here to stay. Saturday we decided to head to Yoder's Country Market. It's an Amish run market about 15 minutes from out house. They sell all kinds of things like homemade peanut butter, different types of snack mixes, candies, soups, pies, etc and you can also get things like fresh, made to order sandwhiches, drinks, and sides. They have a little slide and some swings, picnic tables, and several goats, hens, ducks, a turkey, etc. Greg and I got some lunch, I got a yummy chicken salad sandwhich and he got a roast beef and salami. We shared a side of macaroni and cheese--it's the best I've ever had. We ate it cold--it's that good! And we shared some fresh baked chocolate chips cookies. We hadn't been there since the boys were born and it tasted so good. After we ate, we took the boys down to pet the goats. Both boys seemed to really like it. I was afraid they would get scared, but they had no fear! One of the goats decided that Carter's foot looked tasty and decided to start licking it and put the entire thing in his mouth and Carter didn't mind at all. It was so nice to get out and do something with the boys, we've been pretty much limited to just running errands because of the rainy/cold weather. I'm so happy spring is here! We will definitely be taking the boys back to Yoder's this spring/summer. I think they're going to have so much fun when they get old enough to feed the goats and play on the slide. I hate that they're growing up so fast, but it makes it a little easier thinking of all the fun stuff we'll get to do with them.

Here's some pictures of our afternoon.

Evan petting the goat.
He was smiling almost the entire time, he thought it was so fun!
I don't think Carter knew what to think at first. Here's the goat licking Carter's foot.
The boys in the double stroller looking at the animals.
The duck.

This goat was eyeing Evan's foot, this was taken after we backed the stroller up a little, that goat was going after it.

The small play area for the kids.

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