Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty low-key weekend. Saturday we went to lunch at Guadalajara, a local mexican restaurant. We were going to go somewhere else, but the boys didn't take a very long nap and we wanted to go somewhere quick and easy just in case the boys got fussy. We can always count on Guadalajara and El Agave, our go-to mexican joints on being super fast. But, the boys were great and we were able to take our time and relax. We ran a few errands, it seems like we can count on going to pretty much the same spots every weekend--Sam's Club, Target, Walmart, etc. We rented "Life As We Know It" and I had high hopes for this movie, but I ended up being a little disappointed with it. It was pretty cliche and all the good parts were in the previews. One thing I did love about the movie was that it took place in Atlanta. I loved all the scenes that showed the Atlanta skyline, made me miss Georgia. :(

Sunday, we went grocery shopping and made a quick trip to Babies R Us. We bought the boys new carseats. They're not ready for them yet, but we had some coupons and Greg received a bonus, so we're going to go ahead and buy the things we know we're going to need. Next weekend, we're going to pick up some baby gates and some more house proofing things. The boys are all over the place and they haven't even started crawling yet. I cannot imagine what we're in for, they are going to keep us very busy! After we got home, we laid the boys down for their afternoon nap, which is just a 45 minute nap to get them through until bedtime. Well, Evan didn't want to sleep, so we decided to go ahead and go for a walk since the weather was beautiful. Both boys were looking around and enjoying the walk until we got almost to the house and Evan was doing this.

I got so tickled. He was asleep, poor thing looks so uncomforable! I guess I could have been a nice mom and repositioned him instead of laughing and taking pictures. After the boys went to bed, we grilled out burgers. I'm so ready for it to warm up enough so we can grill out all the time. Greg doesn't know it yet, but once summer gets here, he's going to be grilling out A LOT!! After dinner, I started on "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" the book I'm reading for Book Beginnings and Bookends. It's really good and I can't wait to blog about it after I've read some more.

I was really bad about taking pictures this weekend, I got a few on my phone, they aren't the best quality, but I don't think I've put any up of the boys in awhile. I have some cute ones I'll share for their 7 month post at the end of the week. I cannot believe they will be 7 months old in 5 days!!

This is blurry, but they are both looking happy, so I had to post it. This was right after our walk, they perked up quick!
Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks!?!
Tired boys.
Greg & Evan at lunch.
I hope everybody had a good weekend.

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