Monday, March 21, 2011


The boys had a playdate with Aubrey today. I used to work with Aubrey's mom, Robyn and we actually had our babies on the same day! It was neat rolling the boys in their hospital bed to her room down the hall for the babies "first playdate" when we were in the hospital. I've also been wanting to join a local mom group for stay at home moms so I can meet some other moms and the boys can make some cute baby friends. There's several in town and I've been doing research online and talking to some people to find one that would be a good fit for me and the boys. I finally found one that I was interested in and Robyn was also interested, so we decide to check it out together. Robyn & Aubrey came over about 8:45am and we let the kids play for awhile and get used to each other. They were so cute together. Then, we loaded all three babies into my CR-V and drove to the meeting which was held at this fun indoor play area at the mall. We made a quick Starbucks stop (I had the iced cocoa cappachino which was very good!) and made our way with my double stroller into the play area. We had such a great time. Everybody in the group was so nice! The mom's are all about my age and they even have an infant playgroup meeting once a week along with tons of other activities. The other kids were so cute and well behaved and they were so good with the boys. I'm so glad that I went, and I ended up joining while I was there. I've been looking at the calendar and they have so many fun activities planned, the boys & I are not going to have any problems staying busy. After we left the Charlottesville Mom playgroup, we drove back to my house, when we got there we saw that all 3 babies were asleep. We decided to take advantage of the opportunity and get some lunch at Panera to bring back with us to eat. Greg was off today, so he was home when we got there and joined us for lunch and helped us with the babies. The babies played some more after lunch before they were all ready for a nap. It was so much fun getting together. It was great talking to another mom who is going through all the same things (just minus 1!) and it was so fun seeing the babies interact with each other. I'm looking forward to more playdates with Robyn & Aubrey and checking out some of the fun activities that the Charlottesville Mom's group offers.

Here's some pictures that we managed to get today.

I don't know why this one uploaded this way, it's supposed to be horizontal, but I thought this was a cute picture because Aubrey is looking at Carter, probably thinking "We've taken a million pictures, would you just smile already so we can get back to playing!" haha

Robyn trying to get all the babies to look at her and smile. Quite a challenge!
2 out of 3 smiling isn't bad. Look how cute Aubrey and Evan are sharing that book!!
So cute. (again--I don't know why this picture uploaded like this! weird)
Aubrey rolling over on Carter. The good thing about having twins, they are so used to getting rolled over on, hit in the face with a toy, hand, foot, etc, and having their toys taken by the other one that they were so laid back today when things like this happend. It doesn't phase them in the least.

At the mall. We spread out a blanket so the kids wouldn't be stuck in the stroller while we socialized with the other moms. It wasn't easy keeping track of all three kids (especially with Evan trying to roll away) but I think the kids enjoyed it so much more being able to be out and playing.
So cute! Evan and Aubrey really hit it off and were together most of the day. The older kids seemed to gravitate towards Carter more, they loved sitting with him and playing with his toys with him.

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