Thursday, February 24, 2011

6 Months

The boys turned 6 months old on February 18. It seems like we just brought them home from the hospital and now we're celebrating their 1/2 birthday. Oh, and a sidenote, I saw this cute shirt from SheSheMade yesterday and wanted to cry--how did I not know about this before?! It's a half birthday, personalized onsie!! I'm obsessed with getting the boys outfits for all their firsts (first Halloween, Christmas, New Years, etc) I'm so upset that I didn't know about this before.

Anyways, back to the boys being 6 months old. There's nothing that I can say that's not going to sound so cliche, but just the past couple of weeks Greg and I have suddenly realized they're not tiny, little infants anymore. They are growing so much and have such personalities. Yesterday at their 6 month appointment Carter weighed 18lbs and 2oz and was 27 inches long. He was in the 50% percentile for weight and 50-75% for height. . Evan weighed 16 lobs 10oz and is also 27 inches long. He was in the 25% for weight.

They are both in 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

They are both sleeping through the night from about 5-6pm to 4-5am the next morning, with the exception of a week where Evan woke up all night and now Carter is doing it. We know it's short term and we think it's related to teething and some new developmental milestones.

Both are rolling over from stomach to back and back to stomach. Carter usually only uses rolling over to get out of tummytime and to reach a toy. Evan is using rolling as a way to get from point A to point B

They are both on a 4 hour schedule, which is means we are only having to do 4 feedings a day. Around 5am, 9am, 1pm, and 5pm. It's so nice!

We introduced solids and they have gone through the entire Gerber First Foods series. They've liked everything except for peaches! Peaches! They like all the vegetables and love prunes (yuck) but don't really like peaches. Carter seems to like the vegetables more than the fruit, but will eat it all. I think he may be a meat and potatoes boy--we'll see. They have oatmeal with fruit in the morning for breakfast and some veggies and fruit for dinner

They are both finally on a really good routine, they have become such good nappers. They take 2-3 a day depending on whether they take the afternoon nap. I've put them in seperate rooms for their naps which has really helped a lot.

They both love bath time, tummytime, playing on the exersaucers, standing, storytime, and any play with mommy or daddy.

Both can stand, Carter can stand while. Evan still needs us to hold his hands while he's standing.

Carter can sit by himself for a several minutes, Evan isn’t quite there yet.

They have started to notice each other even more and play together some now. They each love to touch the other’s face and Carter likes to pull Evan’s hair, but neither of them ever seem to mind.

They love to be out and about. We take them out pretty much everyday and run to the store just to get out of the house. They love it. They're really good when we go out to eat and we even took a trip to a town about 30-40 minutes away and they did great.

Evan is still more social than Carter when it comes to strangers. Carter will smile, it just takes longer.

Evan no longer likes to be rocked to sleep. It breaks my heart, apparently he thinks he's a big boy now. He likes to be put in his crib to fall asleep on his own. So sad. :( It's good, we know that's what they should be doing, but we just love to cuddle with them at the end of the day when Greg and I can each have a baby and just relax with them. At least Carter still lets me rock him, but I don't know how much longer he'll let me. We'll see.

They had their first Valentine's day.

It's so crazy that we can be so happy and excited about all they're doing now but at the same time be sad that they're growing up so fast. We're trying to enjoy every moment and it's so much easier now that we've been able to get into a nice routine and they're sleeping and napping good. I can't imagine what kinds of things they'll be doing this time next month.

Here's some of their 6 month pictures.

Evan loves putting his toes in his mouth.

Carter in his new hat.
Evan loves his new hat!
I thought he looked so precious.
My cute little boys on their 1/2 birthday.
Carter loves his toes too, I think he'd put them in his mouth, but being the rollypolly he is, he has a harder time than Evan putting getting them in there.

Big boy, standing.
Can't sit still for long before they're playing with their toes, trying to roll, etc.
So happy! I have so few pictures of Carter smiling and looking at the camera.
Evan looks so happy in this picture, I love how they're holding hands.
Carter checking out Evan's head, he loves playing with Evan's hair and Evan doesn't mind a bit.
I thought this picture was so funny. He looks like he's up to something.

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