Friday, February 18, 2011

Show Us Your Life-Alma Maters

Kennesaw State University-Go Owls, Hooty, Hoo!!

I went to a community college in Tucson, Arizona for my first two years and then transfered to KSU when Greg and I moved to Atlanta. KSU is the 3rd largest university in Georgia and it's located in north metro Atlanta. I loved my time at KSU. It's a 4 year university in a big city, but it has such a small town, cozy feel to it. The classes weren't too big, everybody was friendly. I lived less than a mile from campus, worked on campus in the Career Services Center while I was a student, and then got a job as a leasing agent in an apartment community less than 3 miles from campus when I graduated. Kennesaw is such a wonderful community, it has everything you need, tons of restaurants, stores, a nice mall, lots of great apartment communities, and it's in metro Atlanta. The list goes on and on of great things Atlanta has to offer.

The only thing KSU didn't have was a football team, but I read that they may be getting one soon. Yay! It is a division one school with a great athletic department. It had a great on campus gym for the students, brand new dorms, and tons of activities. While I was there Dr. Drew, Spike Lee, and some other famous people came to KSU to speak to the students. There were always activities going on. I was a member of Psych Club and Psi Chi. I loved the psychology department and thought the professors were great. The campus is beautiful. I really cannot say enough great things about this college. When I first enrolled I wasn't sure about the school since it wasn't a big name university like UGA or GA Tech, but I ended up having a great experience and would recommend it to anybody.

One of my favorite friends and I met her at KSU.
Rachel and Veronica from RW/RR Challenges came to KSU to speak to the students about body issues.
At one of our favorite restaurants in Kennesaw, Johnny's Pizza. Los Reyes, right next to campus and they had awesome beer specials, which is very important when you're in college. ;)
A picture of the campus that I got from their website.


  1. Hey there! I saw your post on Kelly's blog-we have a lot in common! I grew up in Roanoke, VA, went to UGA and then KSU for grad school and live in Woodstock AND I have twin boys named Jackson & Colton! Fun! Your boys are cuties!

  2. saw your link on kellys korner.. i go to ksu now! im a junior majoring in early childhood ed. i live and work 5 minutes from campus and i love kennesaw!! cool seeing your post!