Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

We usually don't do much for Valentine's day. We'd much rather stay in or go somewhere low key than to fight the crowds and spend hours waiting for a table at a popular restuarant. This year we did even less than normally do, with Valentine's day falling on a Monday and the fact that we have two little ones now, we really didn't do much. I dressed the boys up in their Valentine's day outfits, ran some Valentine's goodies up to the girls I used to work with, and that was pretty much it. Today after Greg gets off work, we're running up to Target to pick up a few things and I'm hoping while we're there I can find some fun kids Valentine's things to get the boys for next year. I love going shopping the day after a holiday and getting things 50% off for the following year.

I received my Valentine's day blog swap gift from my blogging partner in the mail yesterday. It was perfect! I got lots of chocolate goodies, some pretty pink, glittery nailpolish, a little plant that is perfect for my kitchen window, some candles, a People magazine, and some other goodies. I was so excited. You should definitely check out her blog. She also has a cooking blog! And you can check out what I sent her here

Here's some pictures of the boys. It is so hard to get a good pictures of them, they're either looking down, not smiling, squirming, etc.

Evan, smiling, but not looking at the camera.
Carter, smiling, but not looking at the camera. I included these so everybody would know that they do smile, just not while looking at the camera. Most of the pictures I post, they look so serious, but it's just because I'm taking pictures. Normally, they are all smiles.
Their Valentine's Day socks that I got from Target.
I got them matching Valentine's Day outfits from Target. It came with the shirt and pants for $7.99. Not bad!
My two little cuties.
Carter on his first Valentine's day.

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