Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Recap

Today was the first day of Greg's 3 day weekend. I love when he has 3 day weekends. From now on, he'll be working an extra hour a day and he'll get a 3 day weekend every other week. I'm really looking forward to it.

We decided to go up to Culpeper, which is a town about 30-40 minutes away. There's several towns about that same distance that have better shopping than ours does and we picked Culpeper because we thought it'd be the easiest drive and we've only been there once or twice. This was our first "out of town" trip with the boys, even though I don't really think it counts as going out of town. We started our trip at Sheetz gas station so I could get a frozen banana mocha coffee. They are so delicious and they'll make them with skim milk and sugar free chocolate if you request it. When we got to Culpeper, we went to the JC Penney's so we could look at some clothes for Greg (and obviously browse the baby section to see if they had any cute clothes on sale). The JcPenney was so small. Smaller than ours, so we were pretty disappointed. It was right next door to a Dollar Tree, so we ran in so I could look for a $1.00 wreath to practice decorating. Our last shopping stop was Kohl's. The Kohl's in our town doesn't open until March 6, and you can bet I'll be there bright and early ready to shop till I drop. I was looking for a St. Patrick's Day outfit for the boys, I found the cutest shirt for only $4.00, but they only had one. :( I was also looking for something to go in our bathroom nook, a wallet, a quote to put on the wall above our bed, and a hoodie for Greg. We didn't end up getting anything except 2 books for the boys. I love the $5.00 books that Kohl's sells, the proceeds go to charity-plus $5.00 for a hardcover children's book is a good deal. Afterwards, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. We got some fried pickles as an appetizer and they were yummy. When we got home, the boys played for the longest time, I thought they'd never run out of energy. I guess they had some saved up since they were stuck in the carseat and stroller for the whole trip.

Evan at lunch. He has like, 5 toys in his carseat because he started to get a little antsy while we were eating. Our fried pickles. Mmmm....
Carter at lunch. He never needs any toys because his favorite thing in the world is the carseat straps! He loves them, he plays with them, put them in his mouth, etc. He can entertain himself in the car and while were out for the longest time. It worries Greg to death about all the germs on the straps, which is funny because I'm the germaphobe and it doesn't really bother me that much.
I found this a Kohl's for 50% off and loved it! I thought it would look perfect in our bathroom nook (which I'll take a picture of and post later) Greg hated it. So, I decided to hold off and when our Kohl's opens on March 6, I'll check there. If they have them and they're 50% off, I'll take it as a sign that it belongs in our bathroom. ;)
After we put the boys to bed, I ran up to Harris Teeter to take advantage of their Double Coupon Days. I was able to get some really good deals. It would have been even better if I stuck to my list, but I made a few impulse buys. I still only spent $25.00 for all of this.
The rest of the weekend is going to be pretty low key, grocery shopping and some home projects tomorrow and the boys 6 month pictures on Monday. I'm really trying to do better about taking pictures and videos of the boys and blogging about our life. I'd love to have it later when I forget what these days were like. So, when I don't have anything better to blog about, I'll be trying to do a recap of our days/weeks. I know this must be very boring, so I apologize to those who read my blog (all 3 of you) but I really want this to look back on later.

I hope everybody is having a great weekend.

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog about JMU! i love that place and hburg is a pretty neat area...defintiely getting bigger and biggerrr

    How precious are your little boys? i'm a twin, and i love seeing pictures of little twins, so cute!!