Wednesday, February 16, 2011


About a month ago, I discovered the blog "Craftily Ever After". I immediately became addicted and ended up following links from that blog to other craft blogs, and from those other craft blogs to even more craft blogs, so now I have a ton of craft blogs favorited and several added to my google reader. I've become obsessed, they are so much fun to look at and most of the crafts are done on the cheap, so it's hard not to want to try all of them. Like I really need another fun activity that I don't have time for! So, a couple of nights after the boys went to bed, I ran to Michael's and the Dollar Tree to pick up some supplies and try a few of the crafts I found. I had so much fun working on the crafts in the evenings after the boys went to bed. Here's some of the things that I worked on.

A handmade wreath for Spring that I found here.
I'd like to have a wreath on the front door pretty much year round, and I thought this was a perfect one for Spring. It was cheap and easy to make.

I made chocolate covered oreo's for Christmas using molds I discovered when I took a cookie decorating class at Joanne's. I deciced to attempt to make some Valentine's day ones. The molds are less than $2.00 at Michael's and the melting chocolate is usually on sale. Mine turned out pretty ugly, actually, but I learned a lot, like chocolate morsels do not work nearly as well if you run out of the melting chocolate. Certain sandwhich bags don't work as good as other when you're trying to fill in the bottom hearts in the molds, etc, but now that I've learned what works and what doesn't, I'm excited to try these again. Even though they didn't turn out pretty, they still tasted yummy! I brought some of these to the girls I used to work with for Valentine's day.

The first post that I read at Crafitly Ever After described how to make these felt rosette decor balls. They seemed pretty easy and didn't cost much to make. I wanted to start putting up a few things for all the holidays, not too much, but a few things around the house. I don't normally decorate for anything besides fall and Christmas, but I thought it'd be fun to get more in the spirit of the other holidays. The frame in the pictures was one I got at Target for $1.00 and I just put scrapbook paper with alphabet stickers in for the picture. I may try and change it out for every holiday with a different color paper and word.

This last craft is probably my favorite. Like the oreos, my Crush
craft looks a little rough. I've never spray painted anything before this and didn't allow enough time to put the final touches on it before Valentine's day, but I learned a lot and I know what to do and not to do next time. I think that this would work for any holiday, just use candy and spray paint that coordinates with whatever theme you're going for. I couldn't find "Crush" soda bottles, so I used beer bottles. If I ever find crush soda bottles, I'll stock up so I'll have them on hand because I'm definitely going to make this again.

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