Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Yesterday the boys had their first day of preschool. I have been looking forward to this for two years. Haha, just kidding (kind of). The boys learn something new after every playdate or anytime a family or friend comes to stay with us. They seem to pick up stuff from other people better than us, so I knew preschool would be important. Also, it's a time for them to learn to take directions from other adults, how to interact with other kids, etc. And it's a nice little break for me to get a few things done during the week. They are going Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12. Last week we went in to drop off Carter's epi pen and some paperwork and they played, so they knew where school was and that they liked their teachers. Evan asked after his nap on Sunday and Monday, to go to preschool. :)

Tuesday morning went about like I expected. They decided they weren't in the mood to wear shorts, they just wanted to go in their diapers. We were on a schedule and I didn't want them to get upset before their first day, so I was prepared. I had bought them matched stuffed bees at Kohl's the day before. I was hoping to give them to them later, but I got them out and said they could have them if they'd get dressed. It worked like a charm. I'm actually going to have to do a seperate posts about those bees, the boys love them and carry them everywhere now. They're obsessed!

Here they are before we left.

I had visions of them posing nicely for me on the front porch. I didn't exactly work that way. They were both so excited to go to preschool and wear their Elmo backpacks, they were not stopping for pictures. Here's Evan going to the car.

Ready to go, but had to bring the bee for the car ride.

We got to the school about 8:50. The teachers were still in the rooms getting all the last minute things ready and the foyer was still dark. The boys were ready. They kept saying "It's dark!!" And pulling on the doors.

It was raining and humid, so of course my lens was fogging up. Not like it mattered, the boys weren't standing still for me anyways. :( Carter was giving me a look like "seriously?"

Evan started pulling on me getting me to go to the door saying "Let's go mommy". He talks so much now!

When the doors were unlocked and we all went in, the boys took off. They were so excited. After I signed them in, I led them to their classroom. There were hooks for them to hang their backpacks on, but the boys didn't want to take theirs off. We went in the classroom and there was playdoh set up for the kids to play with, the boys sat down and were in awe, I was able to get their backpacks off without them even noticing. They loved the playdoh. I left without any problems. I did my little "orientation" because I'm one of the parents who is volunteering in the classroom once a month. I got home about 9:45 and picked up. I was able to pick up the entire house, put away all the laundry, do dishes, put away dishes, etc. I left about 10:40 to meet Greg for lunch. We decided to meet up about twice a month for lunch while the boys are in preschool. It was so nice to sit down and look at a menu, order something I wanted instead of what was fast and easy, and actually get to chew my food. We talked and enjoyed our adults only lunch. Then we ran to Target afterwards for a few minutes. I left from there to go get the boys. They were happy to see me and we went home. The boys played, had lunch, and then took naps.

Here's a picture that I got from Facebook that the mom that was volunteering yesterday took. How cute is that!? I love it.
While the boys were napping, we got email updates from the teacher on how the first day went. Evan actually had a bit of a rough time. He cried on and off the whole time. :( That's not like him, so I have high hopes that Thursday is going to go much better. Especially since he was so excited about going. The teacher said that Carter did great and participated in all the activities and played with the other boys in the class. She said he tried to comfort Evan and was bringing him toys to play with. That melts my heart! She said neither of them wanted to sit for storytime, which doesn't surprise me. They are the youngest in the class, so it may take them a little longer to catch on to that, but I think they'll get it here in the next few weeks. I love that there's such an open communication with the teachers and we can find out exactly how things went even though we weren't there. I'm so thankful we found this preschool and think it's a perfect fit for our needs.

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